CBC Panel....AJ GAAS ...what were they smoking?

Please don't take any offense good ESK fans, but surely the CBC could have chosen a commentator that has more respect within the league. i.e.: Sean Fleming, Ricky Ray, etc. With all the antics this year and garbage following Gass around, I find this truly mind boggeling. :roll:

must people complain about everything?

People just love to compalin about anything and everything. Its too hot its too cold its too hard its too soft etc.

I dislike Gass as a player, but I don't mind him on the panel at all. I actually think he handles himself well, and is coming across as relatively intelligent.

yes... yes... but relative to what?!

Me, I kinda miss goofy Darren Flutie.

Hey, doesn't take much to be on that panel.

Just be anti-Montreal when they play, and Pro-Toronto when they play.

I thought they did rather good.

As a player he ranks up there as one the Dirtiest…him commenting on Jimenez’s punishment was laughable…all that said and putting my prejudice aside…he really was pretty decent on the panel…especially for his first time

Is this going to be his new job? I wasn't aware he was retiring....

If we were picking teams and it was my first turn to pick on defense it would be AJ Gass.

I think he did fine.. he was professional, so SHUT UP!

I sort of see where you are coming from on this one Bobby, as he's supposed to provide great leadership, but there's probably one or two players on all 8 teams who bring more to the table than Gass.

As far as his commentating, he seems like a well spoken person, but I didn't get to listen to him today.

Guys like Gass and Larry Ruck are the kind of guys that if you stick a knife in their arm it just pisses them off. Cant say that about too many people.

Nothing suprises me with the CBC. They would have been better to get Ronald McDonald instead. They are all clowns anyway. :lol:

I think of the 8 starting middle linebackers this year he likely ranks as 8th.
And I expect we won't see him again next year in a 'Smoe uni....
He has never been more than an average backer.

I'll have to watch the video, but of the few minutes of commentary I did see, he seemed better on the air broadcasting than he ever was on the playing field...

It is interesting, I find that majority of the players they get from defensive side of the ball are better speakers and have better insight into the game.

Jock C.
Greg F.
Darren F.
Danny Mac
are all pretty brutal when it comes to insight and knowledge of the game. I would say the only offensive players that do have decent are Dunigan and Lancaster when he was doing it. Chirs Schultz would do in pinch.

Gass did reasonablely well considering. I would take Suitors comments any day over the rest of the guys listed above.

I have to admit, I do like Khari Jones.

I didn't mind Gass. Id take him over Walby.

I just wonder why they even need another commentator. Doesn't CBC have more than enough guys to fill the games.

I never heard Gass. Although, maybe the league needs a tough guy to commentate. Football is a tough sport.