I dont know about everyone else, but it seems the CBC commentary on CFL games is getting worse. Even the sound quality of the game sounds bad. To me it seems like a cheap cable tv broadcast. (With one exception the GREY CUP which cbc does a great job with.) Now TSN seems to do a much better job then the CBC both with commentary and sound quality and the overall look of the game.

What does everyone else think? Its is just me?

Its you.

Most people here prefer TSN but I rather watch CBC

It's not you. I also feel CBC is growing poorer in quality.

The quality at CBC has certainly deteriated over the last decade, but I have hopes that some of the new blood they brought in this year are the future.
Both Khari and Benefield seem to be big improvements already and should only get better.
Both networks have room to improve, but in the ebb and flow of broacasting, TSN definately has the better 'casters at the moment.
And that is despite the fact that I think Cuthbert is a knob!

new blood at the cbc? please. the unions make sure their old geezers never have to lose their job. cbc sports is terrible. they've lost their only talented people. they blew the curling coverage two years ago (country canada?), lost the Olympics, will lose HNIC and will lose the CFL. bye bye cbc. turn yourself into Canada PBS and stop stealing all of our tax dollars.

SPeaking of TSN...Anyone notice the Superb Color commentary by Suitor in the BC/Calgary game? And how through illustration demonstrated what Calgary was trying to do to counter BC's pass Rush. His analysis on formations and strategy is very insitefull.

Walby cant even write let alone draw, and you get lost in Futile Fluties explanations

I had to listen to the Leos on the radio, but Peterson & Black were absolute morons in the Ti-Cat/Bomber game.

I did not see the Calgary/BC game, but i have no doubt Suits is the best colour guy in the CFL at this time.
He might be the best in football. God knows he is lightyears ahead of Joe Theisman.
Both Flutie and Walby make me want to gag....

But Khari has done a game or two now, and he seemed okay as a rookie...

You find Suitor's non-stop yapping to be superb?

He gets paid to yap?

He seems to think so!

I quite liked Khari Jones when he took over for Walby a few weeks back.....he was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and didn't talk down to the viewers.....I liked it....

Khari Just might be there Saviour..he is very well Spoken and being an Ex QB has some brains upstairs...just needs some refinement, but hey he is new...
As for Suitor being the best ever? well thats debatable..
I think Lancaster would give him a run for his money

Not saying he is the best ever…just the best now.
The best ever would definately be Lancaster, on either side of the border. And Frank Rigney is likely my pick for second.

When its about football... yes, when its about How many mistakes Walby can say in 30 secs...No

hey....Walbyisms could be made into an easy drinking game.....

If they are yapping while the ref anounces a penality, and the camera is showing the OC flapping his arms like a chicken! Ill take Walby

Take him PLEASE!!

They always are...

Please take Walby...for the love of god!!