CBC not showing the BC Lions?

Does anyone know what happened to the BC Lions and Argos game? I just turned my tv on and they are showing antique road show… :roll:

I got the game... but I'm still finishing the Bombers game.

I got the game on My CBC. Damn! I wanted to watch Antiques road show.

I'm bummed....I am down here in WA state and can only guess there was a blackout...I'm bummed.

0-3 Lions in the 7 mins in the first quarter. You ain’t missed any big plays or anything.

Well not true some great D by Argos so far. and a long (i think) field goal that I just missed by BC.

Toronto punts BC returns a good punt brought back by holding.

You are awesome! It's tough being a CFL fan down here in the state with no TSN and only CBC...don't know what I am gonna do next year without CBC...

any new scoring?? :lol:

Smith rushed for a TD.

18-7 Now Toronto is about to punt.

Both teams not looking stellar but BC definately looking much better than Toronto.

Two players were disqualified out of the game. One for each team. It was getting rough. Coach Pinball went to a BC player and shook his hand at the half. He is a class act.

Oh. 20-7 now. Toronto recovered a Geroy fumble on the two yard line and then went two and out took a safetey instead of punting.

Bishop is not as good as I had hoped or expected.

So many penalties. Not the most exciting game ever but good D.

Mcallum is 3 for 4 or is it 3 for 3. Either way Mcallum just moved into first in scoring for the whole league.

I believe McCallum's perfect tonight.

Hell of a punt he just hammered as well

Looks like game over to me. The Argos can't get anything going.

In Victoria and blacked out by the CBC/CFL?????.......how can anyone assume that folks from Victoria are able to get to Van for a game??>???.......unless your based in TO

40-7...what a blowout by the Lions. I guess that shows that Bishop is only good when he plays against sh!t teams.


Blackout policies are idiotic....if you want to generate interest in your product, ya gotta give it maximum exposure. This idea that teaching us a lesson by not selling out the game is idiotic. The only one hurt is the idiots who put this in motion in pocket book.

The CBC is very sloppy with their blackouts, often blacking out the entire province, and disrupting their satellite and HD signals nationally. I don't think the CBC really cares and their producer was asleep in Toronto and nobody had his number... :slight_smile:

How dare that producer actually sleep!
You do realise that the poster who started this tread is in the states and the CBC has no control over what that station does?

So it's not a blackout...just a screw up by CBC?

Correct CBC screwed up again. I wonder if its because they are losing the broadcast rights. :roll:

Usually, its just the Vancouver area that gets blacked out, but the CKNW sportstalk reported that CBC had flipped a wrong switch and the entire Province got blacked out. Probably put Walby in charge of the switch! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

I have my doubts about that.
I would think it wouls have been a screw up by the provider more than CBC