CBC May not be Dead when it come to the CFL

CBC has not done a rotten job, if anything your rant sounds personal and way off base. As for football coverage CBC is easily competitive with our regional NFL, and major college games which we in the US spend more money on our product compared to what you spend on your coverage in Canada. Rotten is like high school, or maybe your CIS football coverage.
Based on what I saw of Steve Armitage he is a solid knowledgeable reporter,. What do you want for 20-30 seconds?
On Daved Benefield he shows up, speaks well,and has shown, charisma, and composure similar to some of our guys down here. For a guy with no NFL broadcasting school training camp under his belts which all of our guys have down south, he has done and shown promise. He has legs for this business. What you guys need to do is invest in talent, but it sounds systematic of your league in general.

Let's see, that's three posts on three archived CBC threads. Hmmm...I'm thinking Challenger works for a certain state-run broadcaster.

Hardly! Maybe in Southern Ontario but not here in the north! And yes, and this may be a shocker, but there are Ti Cat fans in the great white north! There is no football radio coverage here either, so CBC is extremely important to us in the “boonies”!

What part of the North?

Ever heard of Batchawana?

100kms north of the hometown of Rocky Dipietro.

Batchawana.... Just on the outskirts of Sault Ste Marie, a city of about 80,000.

I live in Elliot Lake, just down the road. We have all the facilities just like you. I watch all the CFL games on TV, just as you can.

I like to kid the southerners about us living in the land of ice and snow, but let's get real. We, both you and I, have all the same services as our southern brethren.

For my part, losing the CBC is a blessing, not a problem.

Ever heard of StarChoice or Sirius?

If you are a TiCat fan then how many games did you watch this year?

Never heard of StarChoice. In the Soo they have Shaw cable but not here. Sirius is hardly worth paying for here. As far as the football games are concerned I watched all that CBC carried and even travelled to my hometown of Hamilton to catch a couple. Win or loose they are still my team.

I don't like to flog a dead horse, but I will.

rkso is being deliberately naive for the benefit of you people in the south. All of Northern Ontario has access to Starchoice, ExpressVu, and most to Cable.

I think Ockham hit the nail on the head when he surmised that we may be dealing with an individual with loyalty to that state-run broadcaster.

You do know there are Summer Olympics in 2008 right? In August… right in the middle of the CFL season!
That is what this is all about, not the 2010 Olympics.

Or someone just playing games, Wilf, and got busted.Trust me it’ll be a trend.

You got it, Wilf. Some tax-payer funded employee has too much time on his/her hands and surfing CFL sites trumpting their own vested interests.

I grew up much further north than Batchawana and we had TSN in 1990.

Nice try though. I'm still waiting for some of Jake Ireland's relatives to come on here. That will be good theatre!

there is times when an over the air broadcast is the only way to see a game though.

Despite all its warts, the CBC's coverage of the CFL has been pretty good in my opinion. It's usually been informative and entertaining which is more than I can say for Hockey Night in Canada or the Jays coverage (Raptors coverage is pretty good). We tend to dump all over our own in this country but I can recall the days not so long ago when there was virtually no tv coverage. My buddies and I would gather around a little transistor radio trying to pick up the games. As my dad would say, "look down sometimes, don't always look up".

An Argo-Cat fan

Seriously who DOESN’T have one or the other… I highly doubt the number of people who don’t have cable or satellite outweighs those that do…

If you don't have access to TSN or Sportsnet, you likely aren't a sports fan. I know that I only watch these two networks....and have never seen one second of 24, Lost or any "reality" show out there.

If it's a question of affordability, then I'm sure most have at least access to it somewhere, somehow.

CBC's coverage is lousy...but it was better than no coverage at all.

Hopefully the Olympic disruption is minimal to TSN, because I was hoping to be done with "Mumbles" Walby and Mark "Argo Fan" Lee.

Every year I count on the over the air broadcast at some point for cfl games, lots of people do. Camping with a little black and white tv for a game or at someones out of the way cottage with no cable tv with bunny ears. I usually depend on over the air at least once a year for reasons like that and I dont care about the cbc but I hope games stay over the air or lots of peope will miss games.

So much of the sports tv business is driven by image.
For the CFL to keep a realtionship with the decidedly un-hip CBC does them no favours in getting and keeping younger viewers.
TSN was the only logical and correct alternative.

if you want to see a game bad enough,you'll find a way.