CBC Long Read: Rocket Men - The far-out (but true) story of the ‘91 Argos

This was a fantastic read and piece of multimedia journalism, highly recommend everyone take a look.

It's an excellent piece. There will be way more about this subject in a book I am writing, to be published next summer to mark the 30th anniversary of 1991. Putting finishing touches on it now.

And here's a teaser: https://www.cfl.ca/2019/09/19/long-read-chasing-grey-cup-folklore-form-beer-can/

Great article .

John Candy years were special . You felt a great kinship with the SCTV cast . A common Canadiana experience .

This statement by McNall rings so very true for the CFL .

“When you accomplish every imaginable thing in such a short period of time, everybody from the fans to us, there was almost a letdown — ‘Well, we’ve done it... Now we’re done, it’s over now.’

Maybe more in Toronto than anywhere else but the CFL in the 50's to the GC year made it feel so difficult for the Argos to win a cup and waited until 1983 then the veil was lifted .

Then 91 they accomplished so much so quickly ; the lasting effect did not translate to sustained interest .

Not sure if it's the Leafs or all the added Major league teams combined in Toronto that has made the selling of the Argos yearly a challenge .

The Jays success definitely had a stronger story the next few years and suffocated the Argos .

At least the CFL has 91 and that year actually helped lift the novelty /prestige in other cities as well when that Argo team visited .

Great memories .