CBC lock-out

Anybody know exactly who is being locked-out tonight?
I figure it has to be more than just the announcers.
Ya think Walby will be on the picket line?

Producers, technicians, and presenters have been locked out - equating to about 80% of CBC staff.

so who is manning the cameras

Excellent question. I'm not sure why they would be allowing camera work during a CFL game when they pulled it from the Canada Games. You would think it would be blanketed across the country, wouldn't you?

So are we going to be able to watch the game tonight with Toronto @ Edmonton?

The game will be on tonight with out announcers
All you will hear is the crowd and stadium announcer

games are all recorded by the league....how do u think non-televised games get on tsn's highlights?....or if the CFL needs to review something?...or when your there live, they show replays on the big-screen?

stations pick up BRADCAST RIGHTS.....

apparently management will be manning the cameras. It was reported by Steve Armitage from CBC on Team 1040 that the management use to be cameraman or something like that so the coverage should be ok

This will be real interesting. No play by play and colour might just be
an improvement.


THE CBC CAN'T BE LOCKED OUT!!! who will cover the Grey Cup???

the STRIKE will end soon

There was some CBC pinhead picketing outside the stadium tonight complaining he was locked-out.

I told him he can go buy a ticket like everyone else here.

Kanga, Grey Cup will go on, with or without CBC. TSN would likely get if the lock out lasts that long. ( Which I doubt that it will)

I just heard on the radio that someone(Ididnt catch where) is sueing the CBC because he is blind and it was a vioaltion of his right to not be able to hear the game :roll:

Cool! good for him! 8)

COOL Good for him?????
Since when is hearing a football game a right?

..........god damn right ro.........hit him with a live trout....

I was going to say hit the lawyer with the trout by I would not want to get the fish all slimy

........hit em both with trout, not like we have a shortage of trout baby.........then frickin pan fry up those trout and don't let the blind guy have any, the smell will tantalize him..........

On , The FAN...........1 guy made a great point about other NETWORK.......taking the CFL games............

" NO T.V. station wants to be a .....SCAB "