CBC Idiots...

As bad as Hamilton played last night, the CBC was worse-- Idiot Freedman should do his homework before he speaks-- It was NOT Rocky Butler's first ever CFL start. I wonder if Darren Flutie is reaching his peak as a boring commentator. I almost fell asleep wathcing this game just on his voice alone! Even Walby is more entertaining than Flutie-- the best thing the CBC did at all last night was Benefield's catch of the football after Dominguez got his second TD!

TSN's B team of announcers are absolutely terrible. Worst announcers on TV by far

So, tell me then. Who would you rather want?

I rather enjoyed last year's strike when the local on-field announcer did the job. Let's all hope for another CBC strike.

I would like to see Beenfield and Milt when he retires

Ah not quite! Have you ever heard of SUITOR nice hair! But wow those guys in the CBC game last night are by far ten times better! :lol:

Suitor is so incredibly biased to some teams that i dont even consider him a real announcer

Just pointing out a flaw on this post! Suitor do no mess my hair is by far the worst! :lol:

Another good announce team in the futire could be khari and milt with khari doing play by play and milt being the colour commentator. This would also work because the 2 have chemistry from their playing days.

Khari would be okay with all the media work he does! You should watch his training video it is great. But Two bombers doing the play by play and color! It would be like www.bomberfans.com :lol:

how bout duane forde from the score, he seems like a laid back guy with smooth delivery and he isnt some biased homer.

Yeah Duane is a good guy.

CFL Snap is a good show.

no joke. CBC does such a poor job on CFL games; I wish they'd go back on strike.


yeah, me too, cuz the american commentators down here did a good job when CBC was offline!

If I had it my way, we would just take all of the CFL off CBC and give it all to TSN. Although I’m not such a fan of Petterson (Sp?) and Black, they are both ten times better than CBC as a whole.

well, go sign up for some broadcasting classes at university and graduate and take over their jobs. It's that easy.

it's never that easy, and remember alot of these guys are ex football players with little experience with brodcasting.

I thought hellothere did a superb job on the ole web!

i THINK females do not get enough coverage during football games. Cmon now we are trying to balance gender equity in the workplace etc. SHOW MORE OF THE CHEERLEADERS ESPECIALLY WHEN THE GAMES ARE ONE-SIDED!!!!!!!!!

I was his coarchor, don't forget! but I provided the humor whill he provided the stats.