CBC HD Games???

Ya so?
You said you think that all the CBC games were in HD and I said you have no way to know!
I then said that if not all the NHL playoffs games were in HD I doubted that all the CFL games would be in HD.
You then brought up TSN and RDS


I bought them up cuz you said that I said that ALL games (CBC, TSN, RDS) would be in HD.

c'mon Ro, drop it, were wasting time.

So stop posting stuff you know nothing about
I knew you were not talking about TSN and RTSN but you didnt know you were not talking about TSN and RDS

anyway, back to the topic at hand.

From me, a resounding YES! Upgraing to HD TV is like going from black & white to colour. And football and hockey in HD is an awesome experience. Last year I was disappointed CBC didn't broadcast ANY games in HD, but I was totally impressed with their Grey Cup HD broadcast. It was awesome!

If you are going to spend the money to upgrade to HD, be sure to get the proper cables, etc.