CBC HD Games???

Anyone have any idea how many games CBC will be broadcasting in HD.... hopefully all but thats wishful thinking, lol.

I think if you have an HD-Channel.... then everything you do within your control should be HD.... clearly they cant force 3rd party shows to go HD... but broadcasts etc.... they should ALL be hd

I think they are all in HD

Kanga you base this on what?
They are not showing all the NHL playoffs in HD. Did you know that?
I doubt they will show every CFL game in HD.

I wish they would but I doubt it

Is HD really that much better than regular TV? I have a 36 inch regular TV and it seems fine to me but when I go into a store and see the HD, it does look better (maybe I'm answering my own question here) but I guess I want to know if it is worth spending money on, money is a bit tight for me right now, when I am generally ok with what I have?

Earl you have to see it to believe it.
I have a 50 inch HD with a HD receiver( you have to have that)
it will knock your socks off!
The store is not a great place to see it because often the signal is split to put it on many TV and is degraded!

One more great thing is the wide screen format. When watching Football you see more of the backfield and deeper into the defensive zone!

Don't you know ro? Kanga and Marty York have co-penned an article about how this season all the CFL games will be HD to coincide with the new HD-DVD version of the 2005 Grey Cup! What a day!

every CBC game in HD, they only do like one a week, so that is only 20 games, plus the playoffs. I don't see how they could show all those games.

due, I was talking only about CBC CFL games, read the title of the topic.

so now you are saying they are not all in HD?

I never did say that, I said all the CBC games might be, read the title.

I dont see the word might in that sentence

were we talking about TSN/RDS games? no, we weren't. NEXT!!!

Where did I bring up TSN or RDS

See sports fans, this is why I want to go to the Grey Cup game in Montreal...To watch Kanga and ro1313 debate sporting issues! :wink:

Sorry but I will be nowhere near him

you didn't, neither did I

too bad, you would find that I'm a wonderful person.

So what does that mean?

You mean, he's not staying in your basement for Grey Cup Week? :wink:

Nope I am having it filled to just to be sure!

the topic didn't meation the TSN games, therefore, when I repied, I was refering to the CBC games only.

I'd rather stay at a motel, and check out the sites a day before the game.