CBC French broadcasting football again

CBC French is broadcasting the Dunsmore Cup today. It will be interesting to see the quality of the broadcast.

In many peoples opinion the top 2 teams in the Country. I think it is great the the CBC is interested in College ball. Probably a by-product of getting pushed out of pro sports by TSN/RDS.

they've done several Quebec league games this year

Yeah CIS football is not good...

Are you kidding me, Western-Queens are just going shot for shot right now...great weekend, CIS and hockey saturday, CFL sunday, no baseball, life is good!

There's also Laval-Montreal

and Calgary Saskatchewan

Football is such a cruel sport.

Michael Faulds could barely walk, somehow escapes a sure sack and the reciever almost make the tough catch but drops it. The end of one of the most brilliant careers in CIS football.

On field level it's pandemonium...

Hopefully Faulds gets his shot. This may be one of the best CIS footballs games I've seen. It's almost poetic justice with all the talk about the lack of quality Canadian football players that we get this showing.

And Queens just won it. Wish I had tuned in earlier. Looked like a great game. Love the natural grass.

Spent the afternoon switching between the Loney Cup and Dunsmore Cup. French CBC did a real nice job with a limited number of cameras, The overlays on the HD broadcast were sized properly with a croll ribbon at the top, I prefered it to the TSN HD overlays that are much too small. Guys commented the game well and knew all the players by name, not one was refered to by his jersey number, the little side stories were interesting and pertinent, such as who went to schoole where and who played with whom in minor ball. So College Ball all afternoon and UFC free event tonight before the big games tomorrow.... So got 2 hours on my Kettler rower this afternoon and looks like I'll burn another couple tonight watching Randy Couture beat up on Vera :slight_smile: