CBC Experts predict Eskimos tops in West

"I think it'll be a battle between Edmonton and B.C. as to who will dominate the West Division."

-CBC Expert Opinion

I wonder which EE team that preson are talking about, cuz the 2006 EE team isn't looking like it will even make the playoffs this season.

.......uh, it was expert, singular, not plural....and apparently there are others that disagree:

-CBC Expert Opinion

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/indepth/2006-cfl-preview/stampeders.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/indepth/2006-c ... eders.html[/url]

That person that RW has in his Link is more accurate and more credible, IMO.

Actually, he’s less credible and has a lot less experience. He spent his last 5 years as a commentator for snowboarding events!

Calgary tops? Now that’s laughable.

Edmonton didn't look great in preseason, but preseason means next to nothing. And as much as I hate the Eskimos, I have a hard time imagining them not being a dominant team with all the talent they have. It's still Ray and his cast of elite receivers: Tucker, Hervey, Mitchell. Until someone shows me different, I think Edmonton will continue to have success.

Chris Cuthbert was on local radio yesterday.

He agreed with Eric Tillman in saying that he can see how Esks will finish fourth and out of the playoffs.

It would be nice if we knew who these "experts" are, but I would say they may have a little bit of bias towards their team. I would say that you would have to take all "experts" and have them build a consenus on who finishes where in both divisions, with a little more unbiased opinion.

PS-Sean Millington and Greg Frers are "experts"?? Not a chance!!! You have to take what these two say with a heavy dose of salt. If Darren Flutie added his opinion, then I would say that you have to find a whole different panel to get an "expert" opinion. Frers is a former Stamepeder, which may explain his bias.

well, as far as the CFL goes, he just hit a gold mine, IMO

well you see, everyone is getting the (edit) that oh my god edmonton is gonna miss the plyaoffs stick it to the man..but when its all said and done..were still gnna be there and the girls from the prairies and west coast will still be second fiddle

also we started picking it up late in the season

OH WAIT!!! thats when we started to get a running game…hmmmmmm guess what we have this year a runing game…so i hope all of you doubt edmonton it will be even better to have Hughie win another cup…

I hate it when I think that RNR could be right.

And what do you base this on? 2 pre-season losses, because that means nothing. You know so little about the eskimos that I bet you’d have trouble naming 5 players… You haven’t seen any teams play this year, yet you’re coming to conclusions already… :roll:

kick his a$$ seabass (oops i mean esks123) :wink:

  1. Ray
  2. Tucker
  3. Brady
  4. Gass
  5. Marsh
  6. KJ

preseason doesn't just show the starters, it shows the power of the whole team.

wow…winnipeg 17-7…

How the hell can you even justify that retarded remark?

…by Greg Frers…how objective… :thdn:

its a jealous winnipeg fan