CBC employees ACCEPT tentative DEAL!

[url=http://jam.canoe.ca/Television/2005/10/09/1255393-cp.html]http://jam.canoe.ca/Television/2005/10/ ... 93-cp.html[/url]

IT IS OVER........and todays games are on the CBC :smiley:

I heared they will go back tommorrow.
No word on anouncers for todays games

I will be at the game...but we will see.Don CHERRY was back for NHL hockey.

So you'll all be able to hear the announcers broadcast the Edmonton @ Toronto game and the BC @ Winnipeg game then? I hope. . .

I do have a question though. For the BC @ Winnipeg game - I might not be able to go. So I'm wondering since today is a holiday, will CBC lift the blackout and show the game in Winnipeg on tv? I think they already lifted 2 blackouts for us here in Winnipeg but I think they lifted 3 in Saskatchewan. So does anyone know here, if they will lift the blackout in Winnipeg since it's a holiday today?

Thanks to anyone who can answer my question. I thought I would post it here since what hellothere posted has to do with CBC.

I doubt that hollidays will make a difference

THE CBC doesn't black out the games.That is up to the CFL teams involved.

Phone Winnipeg's office.

I'll phone the Stadium later on today then. I thought Holidays did make a difference. What about the old people that can't make it out to these games, anymore! It's kinda early right now so I'll wait till later.
Well I hope they do air the game or it will be CJOB for me....

Thank god

AMEN :wink: :smiley: