CBC Drops Lions vs Alouettes game

I'm surprised this subject has not been brought up or has everyone already knew...

With all the storylines surrounding this huge game:
Obi-Ben Cahoon & Sly-Thyron Anderson's return going up against BC's two young anti-missile casings in Tony Tillers and Ryan Phillips;
The tank Robert Edwards vs land mines Brent Anderson and company.

And NO ONE outside of Quebec's RDS coverage area and those present at the Dome will witness this great tilt.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ArticleNews/TPStory/LAC/20050910/DIGE10-1/TPSports/Football]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ ... s/Football[/url]

... How does that phrase goes again: If the Lions stomp all over the Als and no one sees it, then is the Riders responsible for the mess when they show up next?? haha feels great to be the true King of the Jungle for the year and many years to come when Dave Dickenson passes on the torch to Buck Pierce.

Some of the postrer's on this forum already expressed that the CbC is only a money grabbing useless station, and we should not worry , because other stations are going to bring better service to the Canadian public. May be it's there way of saying......I told you so...

THIS SUCKS.....this was easily the game of the week, cuz montreal had a better-than-most chance of ending the streak.....DAMN U CBC!

I agree Drumming god, may be they will have a change of heart


I will not be able to see it anyways but this is stupid, THIS GAME NEEDS TO BE ON TV!

where are you from

Imbeciles! Luckily I can watch on RDS! Woohoo!
And you're not king of the jungle until you hoist the Cup! And I'm not ready to concede that to the Lions!

True dat.

I don't get The CFL on any of the challers that the college campus offers me. :cry:

NOOOOOOO! This is horrible! I’m a diehard Lions fan, going to university in London, Ontario and now I can’t watch my team lay the smack down on the Alouettes in front of close to 40,000 fans at BC Place? I have Shaw Digital Cable. Is there any way I can see this game, in the french feed on RDS? I need to watch this game somehow. I hate CBC for this.

I have read in the Sun how TSN is thinking about adding this game as a DH on Saturday. And especially since RDS will televise anyway, so the production costs are already involved, with adding the announcers as the only other factor?

This tv coverage problem ain't gonna be fixed this year. Glad I can watch the game on RDS here in Ottawa though. This will be the ONLY time I cheer for the Als. The Lions are due, especially after they clobbered my Gades. We're still licking our wounds.

I guess if you don't have access to RDS, you're out of luck.

I guess I will have to sigh up for RDS a bit earlier this year.

Argotom keep us posted about TSN

I just checked CBC online tv schedule and they will be showing Braveheart instead of the game :evil:

Personally, I'd rather see this highly touted matchup than hear Mel Gibson boast about shooting lightning bolts from his arse (although, the guy deserves to be fried to a crisp after making The Passion). Hopefully, TSN will cover the game in English Canada; otherwise, it will only further prove that CBC has as much of an NHL-only mentality as Paul Godfrey has a NFL-only mentality.

I need to check to see if I have RDS. Does anyone know if I have Rogers Digital Cable if i get the game on RDS? Or if I have RDS?

This is a bit of an odd one. I could understand them not being able to do two games on the same weekend with the amount of management staff they have to do the job, but why not this one?

Considering that it is already being covered by RDS, its just plain goofy. Ok, they would have to have some graphics people but other than that....

I think part of the reason this lockout has gone on as long as it has it because all of us football crazy fans watch the games regardless of whether or not there are announcers. I only turn the game off if I have to leave, and then I hope that I can pick up the radio feed in the car, which I mostly can't. Is there some sort of satellite radio deal in the works for the CFL? That would be great on some long car trips, especially in the summer when the games are on Friday nights.

I won’t rub salt in your wounds…My son called and has a pair of tickets…time to pack the car for another 4 hour trip…

I can’t figure out CBC, a good matchup and they drop it. As for labour laws, they could very easilly pick up the RDS feed which is done by Union guys and go without anouncers again.

Once again OUR HARD EARNED tax dollars at work again!

Why NOT blame the laws of B.C?............rather than the , CBC?

Sad, but thanks and keep us posted. TSN, also said...... NO.