CBC coverage

The CBC coverage really sucks re the Montreal Winnipeg game...they cut out too early and they come back after the plays have started and instead of telling us what happened they go to a story about the Dalli Lama....and Steve Armitage is missing more of the game then I am...he couldnt even remember Walter Payton's name. Flags are thrown and he says ..no flag on the play

And the commercials are repeated over and over

oh for peats sake, just enjoy the game and quit yer bitchin. So what if the telecast or the commentators are not perfect. Doesnt change the game. Dont be so petty and easily distracted by unimportant issues during the game.

i am entitled to my opinion as well as you are

someone has to let them know

fine. write them then. not like anybody here can do anything about it.

however, to play along with you. Jones is an idiot for saying that the rule is wrong that says a player should keep control of the ball longer. That call should not have been reversed, it should not have been a good catch.

I wish Khari Jones would tell us what he's always giggling about? Sounds like he went to the JOhn Wells school of broadcasting.

good sense of urgency to the game, but someone at CBC get Khari to breathe into a bag. Every time he opens his mouth, he chuckles his way thru his comments.

It's almost like listening to Goofy calling the replays.

But as for the commercials... doesn't every football game run the same shtick over and over during breaks? Pays the bills right.

He didnt say the rule was wrong, he said he didnt like/agree with the rule.
I agree the catch should not have been overturned, based on the rule.

same thing, wrongdidnt like, etc. He thinks it should by rule be a catch, but that to be consistant with the rule, that play should not be ruled a catch. I say, a player should have clear posession of the ball for x number of steps, or x number of seconds, no matter what, and he did neither. The rule as stated is the way it should be and Jones is wrong in his opinion of that. However, he was right in that it should not have been overturned.

First of all, its his opinion, its not wrong. Second X nuber of steps? What if he catches the ball and doesnt take any steps? He catches it and is tackled right away therefore no X nuber of seconds either?

I dont like the rule either and I hope it goes back to the way it was before.

God I hate those NFL soup commercials. Come on Chunky this is CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think he has a legitimate complaint.

I didn't seem much of the game, but if that was honestly happening, then the CBC's coverage does suck. I tune in to watch football, not commercials.

I dont recall any missed playes

Isnt CBC done after this season?

If you think the TV coverage sucks you should try paying money and watching the broadband screen freeze up all the time. I should just give up and listen to a radio broadcast.

Where are you torall?

I'm in Ontario and here it was going like one frame per second. It was tough trying to keep up with the play, visually, but at least I could hear Khari's goofy giggles loud and clear, everytime he called a replay.

At least it was free.

then he should hang on to the ball until it is clear the whistle has blown. With only half a sec from the ball touching your hands til it hits the ground is not a catch, regardless of if you landed on your back first.

The game is coming down to crunch time. Yet while Calgary is second and long with 3 minutes to go, Mark Lee and Chris Walby are yakking about Tom Higgins?
Talk about taking away from the moment.
Theres the rest of the year to talk about Tom Higgins.

...well berezin, this is probably the last time Higgins will ever be on live CFL TV so a couple of seconds devoted to a man who has given a heck of a lot to the league doesn't sound like a big deal to me...