CBC Coverage

Thank God the CFL is done with this incompentent, state controlled broadcaster.

During their "Warrior of the Game" announcement at the end of the game, they completely missed a play.

Typical outcome by unprofessional civil servants.

You said it brother!

(Ockham) Thank God the CFL is done with this incompentent, state controlled broadcaster.
I concur. The CBC is pathetic. Khari Jones should look for work outside the broadcasting industry.

Right now in the SSK@CAL game there is no play by play or colour at all. Just the game audio itself.

Sooo 2nd rate!

Its fine on the CBC HD Coverage. Anyone still watching Standard def? :slight_smile:

im kidding.

But yes, its fine on the HD feed.

I like it, I wish every game would be that way.

CBC Sports in Guelph hasn't had audio in about a month now. I don't mind it so much with the TiCats as the radio broadcast is much better. There is the annoying three second delay between radio and television though.

Reminds of CBC Strike Year

I liked it when the one clown said that the other clown was on the floor trying to get a better angle on the interception that wasn't really an interception. That was funny

Remember the strike. A few weeks of the stadium announcers. If I was commish I'd yank the plug now. Surley there has to be a loop hole. If the announcers aren't announcing then maybe the contract isn't being completed as agreed on. Imagine if this happened in the NFL

Yes it is better in a way. Its more like you're there with just the stadium announcer to guide you.

I thought Khahari was the only good thing on the broadcast.

well he sure did a good job of kissing up printers all afternoon. Printers must be his God. No incompletions were Printers fault, it was all the recievers, miscommunication, etc.

Never before have I heard a 15-38 performance be so fawned over.

Play by play is back now.

Good to see how unbiased you are when it comes to Printers. Brings a fresh perspective to the site. :roll:

Borehamgirl: you should just remove Printers and add [Insert Ticat QB name here] and it will stand the test of time.

as opposed to wearing printers blinders where apparently he can do no wrong??? No one else would get such a free pass for playing such a bad game. Everyone would be demanding chang or maas to be run out of town for such a performance. Both chang and maas have had better games and still were dissed because it wasnt good enough

Maybe if Printers wasn't running for his life all game he would have completed a few more passes. His deep ball showed lots of promise.

Give him a good O-line next season and he will win with time to throw.

Too true. I should make it a jet key. Save myself some typing.

Zenstate, don't cloud the issue with facts. :wink:

Just remember, the CBC costs us all a billion dollars a year. Nothing’s free.