CBC Coverage=Brutal,Brutal,Brutal!!

Steve Armitage has to be the worst play-by-play guy on ANY network. I wonder what CBC's thinking was when they let Cuthbert go and kept this guy. Then again, this is the same network that hires Walby and Flutie. Idiot Freedman should be turfed, he is the most useless host on TV!

I prefer CBC over TSN. I would rather hear Fluties expertise then Suitor bitching about a reffing mistake from 3 weeks ago any day. Guys like Flutie will give his opinion of the the play and why he would call that play (or if its a foolish play to call). The guys at TSN are don't do that. They talk about stats and records constantly. I'm sorry but i would rather have a few seconds of dead-air then hear about the amount of tackles Oshea has every 15 minutes.

I wish the CBC wouldn't schedule back to back playoff games so that an overlap occurs. If they're going to put both finals on Sunday, then can they not schedule 1:00/4:30 start times.

CFL timing rules allow for so much drama in the last 3 minutes. Yesterdays Eastern Final didn't get over until 15 minutes into the start of the West final. With one or two AaaarGooooo bounces it could have easily been 30 minutes.

Don't make us choose between games!

The worst announcer? Hands down it is Joe Theismann.

Flutie may have been a very intelligent football player. Unfortunately I've seen or heard nothing from him that suggests he can call & communicate the inner workings of a football game over a TV telecast. Speaking of foolish plays... it seems this is all he does in describing how effective a play was as opposed to telling us why it was foolish other than the obious turnover or penalty. With Suitor and even Walby at least I'm provided with a little something that I didn't think of before they even mention it as is the case with Flutie.

It seems with a DB like suitor or even a lineman like Walby, on a given play like a TD pass for example, they'll look to the replay and through words or the magic marker thingy illustrate how the play unfolded and what decisions the players made such that the play unfolded the way it did... with Flutie it seems we merely get a generic or even irrelavent response where he'll speak for the sake of speaking.

with Flutie it seems we merely get a generic or even irrelavent response where he'll speak for the sake of speaking.