CBC Coverage=Brutal,Brutal,Brutal!!

Boy do I miss TSN Coverage of our games! Maybe it’s just me but the people who call the games for TSN are far ahead of what we’re getting with CBC!Just my opinion!

dont watch then.

Dont mean to be unpleasant, but this constant complaining and criticising of one network or the other, or one member of one crew or the other, etc, is just getting so old and annoying.

Just watch the game and to hell with who says what or what camera angle.

If a person has a big problem with the broadcast, then buy yer ticket and go to the game.

Yeah because I'm going to pay $600 airfare to watch the west final because the CBC is crap.

The coverage stinks. Its an aspect of the product thats open to criticism. I think the CFL's image problems stem heavily from the CBC's poor production quality and I hope its adressed in the next TV deal with TSN perhaps taking over the entire production of games while airing network games on sister-station CTV...

Personally, I prefer the CBC coverage over TSN.
It just somehow looks better (from my vantage point stateside) than what TSN puts out.

Completely agree. TSN has far better coverage. And the image quality is 10x better.

Okay FYB, Don't tell me not to watch! What choice do I have? Don't get smart with me I was just stating my opinion on our TV coverage of our league! I just wanted to know what your and everybody's opinion was as far as TV coverage is concerned!

Everyone has a right to complain since it's tax payers paying for the damn stupid CBC.

One thing that would help both networks out is to stop poluting the fields with advetisements.

Yea CBC isn’t great but remember Terry Bradshaw s.ucks too, that’s ‘big league’ suckage right there.

The issue here isn't the poor quality of CBC, the issue is the bitchy fans who think it is necessary to point out every flaw in the CFL. Ya, it's not the NFL. Who cares? I watch the CFL because I like the teams, I like the quality of football, and I like the rules. I don't watch it because the stations that air it have good commentary and camera angles. So stop whining and watch some of the best football in the world.

I fail to see what the problem is with the CBC. Aside from Steve A's couple of foul ups. I dont see any major difference between TSN and CBC.

Someone please tell me exactly what it is you expect to see..

CBC is like listening to NPR do a game. TSN is all ex-football buddies and CFL old boys Matt, Schultzie and a guy that is ACTUALLY names Jock. They banter away as they hack the English language up. On the other station, Sean Millington is the man, no doubt, but Greggy is a frosted-haired metroboy and Elliote Friedman...did he ever play a down of football? Watching TSN makes (me at least) feel like Im listening in to a real conversation about the state of football from those who've been there rather than a bunch of guys speculating. Even if they do make up their own words sometimes.

It sounds to me like all you care about it the half time commentary!
As far as I am concerned its the least important aspect of TV coverage

cbc is the oldest netowrk to cover sports, yet they hire the worst announcer, that fat guy is loud and annoying and worse than tony siragua( who does fox games), darren flutie screams for no reason and get lost during gameplay and he also has too many moments of awkward silence. That panel is just a joke, ive heard better roundtable discussion in bars while everyone is drunk at 2 am. That blonde dude on the discussion is always stuttering, jones is always spitting and acting more nervous than a virgin, the bald dude just screams out loud for no reason, and the host has annoying cartoon voice and tries too many one-liners, i thought brian williams was annoying, but these guys are giving him a run for the money.

I like TSN coverage better as well....what ticks me off is that the CFL had the games so close together. Couldn't they have put a half hour between games?

I agree with green71, a half hour between games is a good idea. Nothing wrong in borrowing from the nfl and doing in depth analysis of each game and maybe doing player highlights or player matchups/backstories (davis/simon,Aaron hunt/Reggie hunt)

Because of commercials we did miss some critical plays.

For anyone who thinks those of us bitching about the CBC are anti-CFL or want NFL-esque telecasts...


Its a beautiful game and deserves better coverege. Yes I'm a season ticket holder and I know that the excitement of the live game doesn't necessarily translate to TV and I think it has alot to do with the quality of coverage.

TSN does a much better job communicating the essance of the game with actual relavent discussion to complement the visuals. Its seems that not one of the CBC personalities do anything other than speculate rediculously without any real knowledge of the game... I find myself over and over again drawing my own conclusions about the events of a CFL game while Armitige & Flutie are confused as shit... Flutie today mentioned that the Argos should get down and spike the ball quickly!! Thats illeagle in the CFL... you'd think the colour commentator of the national carrier would know this.. but he doesn't.. and he's a former player???

TSN personalities just don't bumble around like the CBC personalities do. They produce a telecast that sells the CFL & gets the stadium experience to your TV screen much better than CBC could ever hope to do.

I want what's best for the CFL. The game has been great (except maybe this year.. another discussion) it needs to communicate its greatness across television to grow its fanbase and become more sustainable.

The CBC honestly butchers it.

the cbc lacks personality and flavour, the cbc cfl coverage is a joke, the only good thing is mic'd up because they dont censor everything, other than that the cbc needs to hire some entertaining announcers, maybe hire lawrence phillips and some felons who used to play cfl football and let them entertain me, and how bout hiring pam anderson to be a weather girl and shake her moneymaker on camera. ya dig me?

I have this horrible dream... I hesitate to put it out there because it could be like a self-fulfilling idea. Here it is: Someone hires Don Mathews and Matt Dunigan to team up and analyze games.NO..NO...NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

one thing i notice is the video feed on the cbc is usually crappier than on tsn.