CBC cameras broken

Just watched the game on TSN and no complaints on the video quality.

Now the game on CBC...pure crap. Not sure if it's crappy cameras or the operators don't know how to focus them properly. It looks like garbage!

I feel like I'm watching a game filmed in the 80's.

What are you watching games through beer bottles again! You know better then that! :lol:

I'm watching the game via "Altitude" sports via "Directv" and the pic. is just fine for me.

As far as I know there is only one network doing the filming. So you should see the same picture as I do. Do you have a really small TV? 13" or something? Because the video quality is horrible. Often out of focus. You may not notice it on a small TV.

36 inch reg tv, cable, perfect picture. :thup:

Then your eyes can't distinguish a good picture from a bad. Because this CBC broadcast is crap as per usual.

right :roll:

no way there could be something wrong with your tv or service :roll:

Got lots of people in my house using 3 different tvs and everybody happy, but hey, I guess only you know whats what.

Whatever :roll:

I dont know where you are, but where ever I have lived, CBC has been at the lower end, ie: channel 3, and whenever there is any problem with cable service or hookup, or if the cable is not tight enough to the TV etc, then CBC is one of the first stations to not look good. Often I have noticed that CBC and a few others dont look so good and all I have to do is fix the connection.

It's got nothing to do with the service or the TV. The cameras keep going in and out of focus. Just talk to a friend in Regina who is watching the stream online and he said the same thing.

ok, just noticed one camara shot going a little off for a couple of secs. Is that what you painting the whole broadcast with?

doesnt matter anyhow, just dont be insulting or talk down to someone else who doesnt have the same problem you are having.

You asked, I answered. Next Time I guess I should try not to.

Have a good night

There was a problem here in vancouver around the 2nd quarter for about 5 minutes, then it went back to normal.

It was really blurry and the color was distorted.

Remember camera work is not done by CBC but the in house crew.

27" TWENTY YEAR OLD Zenith and the picture is FINE! But as you seem to know it all, It must be our eyes having the trouble right? I mean...you're the expert and all! :roll: C'mon now....it's either your t.v. or your eyes, but DON'T tell someone else that they have a problem when you're not in their home!

50 inch TV and both High Deff and reg broadcasts were fine!

I guess its the five of us who have eye problems and not you!

Try watching the game sober and see if the picture is still a little fuzzy..... :lol: :lol:

I watched the game when I got home, and it was fine!

The out of focus your talking about is because they used a lot of close ups with a telephoto lens which makes the back ground out of focus.

A big part of this is probably the lighting in Taylor Field, which has always been well below broadcast standard. Several of the other CFL stadiums (Montreal, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Ottawa when it was in the league) have similarly bad lighting for TV. I can't believe the TV rights-holders have never insisted on proper lighting. The lights in Taylor Field are especially high school-ish for TV.

Thats absolutely true... when the Grey Cup is hosted at Frank Clair or Taylor Field, the CFL usually brings in huge booms with extra lighting to get the field primed for prime-time...

The league should be looking into this issue if they want to further establish their reputation as a truly marketable product.

i find, whenever they go to focus the camera on one specific player, the camera is always shakey...drives me nuts.

i can't remember if this is CBC, TSN or both.