CBC camera work

Over the last few weeks during the CBC coverage of the playoffs I have been aghast by the amateurish camera work.During each play you could hardly see what was going on.Each time the camera would be set so that the action seemed miles away and when the play was over the camera would focus in close. You couldn't see what happened during the play .You would have to watch the replay to see what occurred .On many pass plays I couldn't see the ball at all,or couldn't tell if the ball was caught,knocked down or nowhere near the receiver.The camera work was like the the crew had never been to a game before(even though the CBC has cover the league for 50 Years).

I thought the camera work was fine...the only time I had a problem with the cameras was when Stegall was waving it away near the end of the game and all the camera man did was move to the side of him but kept the camera on him...The camera man should have known who he was filming and realized that it was an emotional time for him and have a little respect...It was lacking on that one time, but other than that I though the game was pretty well done by CBC

With their different camera angles and such this game, it seems they wanted to go out with a bang. To me, the camera footage seemed a little too far from the action, even the overhead view. Oh well, not their problem to fix anymore. Go TSN!

Since I have never been a fan of the CBC, I will refrain from criticizing their camera work. It is the least of their faults.
Now that TSN will have the job, I look for an overall improvement in the presentation of the games.

Just one caveat..... In the remote chance that it might happen, and if there is any temptation to do it, PLEASE don't pick up Walby. Let him go into retirement. PLEASE!

And to that I say a hearty AMEN!! TSN would be well advised to stay clear of Mark Lee as well.

Would have been interesting to see the replay of SSK's third down gamble with the audio to see if Joseph made the first down only after the whistle went like Doug Berry was crying about.

That is for the producer to decide what is on the TV or not on TV. I am sure if the camera man doesn't get the shot the producer wants...they'll just find another camera man.

If that was true...it would have been the quickest whistle ever. Joseph had the first down pretty much on the first push.

I am Grateful we won't another game CBC for awhile

I actually enjoyed the game that the CBC put together yesterday.

I thought the CBC generally did a great job yesterday. I like the idea of having more than one network telecast the games. TSN can mess things up now (if they wish) and there's no alternative.

just curious what would have happened if winnipeg won the gc stegall would'nt have waved the camera away

(1tccat) just curious what would have happened if winnipeg won the gc stegall would'nt have waved the camera away
You're right, Tcc, professional sport means you're always under a critical eye and if you aren't prepared for that, you're in the wrong profession.

I really don't think you guys know what great camera work is. Why am I watching a coaches expression when I could be seeing replays. CBC does a great job covering the CFL its top dog in that league

I agree 100%
Nothing annoys me more when the ref is announcing a penalty and TSN has the camera focused on a player waving to his mommy while the announcers are yapping away about something completely irrelevant.

All you see is the ball being marched one way or the other, and you never know why.