CBC broadcast

Does anyone else have trouble with the audio portion of the CBC broadcast??
Certainly not the first time this has happened but while Monday's game audio from Montreal was as clear as a bell, the audio portion from Toronto was impossible to hear! The commentators were completely muffled by ambiant crowd noise. Totally frustrating. It got so annoying, it was better to watch the game with the sound muted. Where is radio when you need it!

sound was clear on both games for me. must be your bc humidity

No you are right. The game from Montreal was quite clear. Then the game from Toronto there was some awful noise and strange language between Mark Lee's Play by play.

Oh wait!


I know, That was Walby! :wink:

Nope, gorgeous blue skies and warm weather here in Lotusland, must have been the “smoke” clouding the 'waves.

I had equally good audio on both games. It might have been a problem with the CBC station in your area

Thanks, ro1313…that could be the problem. I’ll call our local station…seems logging e-mail complaint gets you no where.

if they had a technical dificulty, what is the point of complaining. Why not wait to see if it continues or becomes a re-occurring event?

Thanks, ro1313…that could be the problem. IIt is a re-occuring problem; even as far back as the (oops)Stanley Cup playoffs last Spring.
This is also not the first football telecast where it has been a problem but it is now starting to really get under my skin. I am thinking ahead to the Grey Cup. At least Sunday’s game is on TSN.

hmmm, something funny goin on here, but I cant quite put my finger on it.