CBC broadcast of Chang's first drive against Calgary

Don't know if this has been posted before for all you Timmy Chang fans...

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I had initially thought the 3rd pass thrown by Chang was off-target which forced the receiver to dive for the ball. But when looking at the replay from the endzone view, you could see that was the only place the ball could be because the defender would have intercepted the ball had the pass been thrown directly at the receiver. Makes you realize how tough it is to play quarterback and read defenses in the CFL.

I found it interesting being able to relax and watch this all over again. I find the completion to #80 very curious. I've played football. That late in the game -- the score being what it was -- you don't re-act that way because you just got a 1st down. I saw it more as "thank god somebody threw me the frickin' ball". Watch it. You'll see what I mean.

pgriff20, it looked to me like

Brock just picked himself up
and trotted back to the huddle

just like all our players did
after all plays on that series.

I think he's refering to the spiking of the ball

Great find, Mikey! Chang should have ran that ball in. He had a lane right to the endzone. What that tells me is that he tends not to improvise but stick with the plan whether there’s a play there or not. Also he forces balls that should be eaten. But on the bright side he seems to have a better command of the offense right now. His poise and confidence is beyond his experience. He has to strech the Argos out and then take off with it upfield for a big gain. Maas does not offer you this option.

I don't think so. He saw that Calgary defender at the goal line just waiting to take his head off. I don't think he would have made it past the 5.

Couldn't disagree with you more, JFL!

Oh, I don't know about that, I think you could.

Anyway, that highlight package doesn't show the replay of that play. But they showed a replay from behind Chang and you could see the Calgary guy coming up to meet him.
If you pause that video just after Chang throws it you can see the guy around the 3 yard line.