CBC Blows Coverage

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Mother Nature + CBC Incompetence = Black Out

Remember, we taxpayers funnel one billion dollars a year into this trough.

Only four more months of this crap from CBC-TV.

On another note, I noticed that CBC radio's morning show thought that Toronto's signing of Robert Edwards was the only CFL news of note this morning. Apparently they aren't aware that other teams exist within its southern Ontario broadcast signal.

Also, noticed this comment in the Slam article:
"Ironically, the CBC is set to televise the Esks next game in Calgary on Labour Day."
What, exactly, is ironic about this? The lack of energy or power supplies in Calgary? Is "Jonathan Huntington" a pseudonym for Ken Peters?

I still think the CBC is important in broadcasting Canadian content. The last thing we need is another CH, CityTV, Global, etc broadcasting American TV.

Like Dr Who and Coronation St?

I'm an ardent supporter of community and public broadcasters like CFMU (McMaster U), CFBU (Brock U), TVO and JAZZ-FM, but the CBC simply does not operate as a public broadcaster. And Canadian content rules force all broadcasters, public and private, to air Canadian content. If the CBC served Hamilton and Niagara at all (both among the top twelve municipalities by size in Canada), on any of its ten or twelve services, maybe I'd be more sympathetic.

Indeed they did. And when I went to CFL.ca and Ticats.ca to post about this blown coverage on Saturday night, those sites were down too.

The whole CFL world was in shambles late Saturday night and it comes to forefront when the old fashioned newspaper guys write about it.

Listening to Brian Hall on the terrestrial radio was the most painful part of the experience.

For doing what? Broadcasting the Simpson's every weekday? It seems to me the independent stations have the most popular Canadian shows these days.

You are correct though, we don't need another television broadcaster so why have the CBC? A billion dollars could buy a lot of MRIs.

I would like to see a federal version of TVO. If we have to spend tax dollars on a televion station, let's make it educational: Canadian history for example.

The part of the game that was televised was very entertaining. It was one of the low points in the history of CBC Sports when they decided not to broadcast the climactic ending of "The Little Stadium On The Prairie" across Canada or to inform the viewers of their decision.


You could have cut the title of this thread down by one word. The last one.

The guy responsible (Scott Moore?) for what happened was on the Fan today. He went to bed.... turned his cell off and his land-lines were down because he had just moved. Someone else made the call but he refused to put the blame on that person. He shouldered the blame squarely and did it well.

He also said that new procedures about informing people would be put in place after this and that a bottom scroll was already considered.

I was able to listen to Regina radio on the internet during the power blackout, and when they confirmed the game was to continue I was able to watch the last hour from a CBC feed on the internet as well. was I the only one that found this. I was surprized to find the game being available here.


Exactly. The person responsible at TSN would not turn his cell phone off if his land line was down. An unaccountable bureaucrat does something like that, which is why the tax payers are best served without them.

These CBC network execs are obviously completely unqualified to make decisions like this one. They sound like they are not even CFL fans ("he went TO SLEEP after he made his decision??????")

I guarantee that this Moore guy got his job because his Dad got it for him. That's usually how it works at these "Upper Canada College" corporations full of cushy jobs.

The only thing worse about donuts like Moore at the CBC is watching Lee and Khari Jones butcher players' names (and the English language) when they "commentate."

Maybe it is for the best that this is CBC's last year of covering the CFL.

A guy like Walby should NEVER have worked in broadcasting. He looks and speaks extremely sloppy.

In the last 3-4 years TSN has been doing a much better job at game coverage. It will be interesting to see TSN do the Grey Cup. I especially like the quality colour job Suitor does. Very professional..

Put CBC on pay per view - like CBCCC (Country Canada) people that want to watch “Canadian Culture” (whatever that means) can pay and watch it.

Just hope that TSN could pick up Sean Millington and maybe Frers from CBC.
Won’t miss Walby, someone still has to explain to him that the QB in Montreal is Cavillo(Ca vee owe) and not Cavill

Ok, time for everyone to take a deep breath.

To criticize the CBC for dropping the ball is one thing, but to call Scott Moore an "unaccountable bureaucrat" is amateur.

What exactly does "unaccountable" mean to you? Moore has been fielding criticisms left, right and centre since Saturday, and has practically taken the blame for the entire mishap. Sounds pretty responsible to me.

Who is he accountable do? Are there any consequences for Saturday night? Did they lose any advertisers? Will there be a drop in revenue?

When a publically funded corporation is competing with the private sector there is a gap in accountability. It is worse when there is no need for the public corporation in the first place.

The CBC acts as an insulated fifedom completely out of touch with the average Canadian yet attempts to steer public policy and opinion. It is redundant, misguided, and as proven Saturday night, incompetent.

Bureaucracy was the problem....no-one could reach the boss for a decision because his cell phone was off. Too bad Scott Moore couldn't have stayed up long enough to watch the program he is responsible for..or left his cellphone on like most managers do. If he had, this problem would not have arisen. So instead of someone under him making the decision they basically said "to heck with the fans, I don't need the aggravation of having to explain on Monday morning why I made the decision instead." Thats what happens in the CBC. I speak from experience. We are all paying for this third rate management. Don't you love it?

A few things for you to ponder:

The CBC is a nationally owned and operated network broadcasting across Canada. You don't need even the most basic of cable packages to dial in the CBC, something a lot of families can't afford.

For some homes, the prospect of catching a CFL game on television is slim...without the CBC, that is. The network makes it possible for fans from all walks of life to tune into a game, regardless of whether or not they can afford a cable package with TSN.

Mistakes happen. Moore apologized, the CBC apologized, what more are you looking for? Get a grip.

Here's an interesting little fact. When I lived in Brantford I decided to forego cable and basically live without television. When curiousity got the better of me, I plugged on in just to see what reception came in for free. TVO, Global, CTV came in clear enough to watch. The CBC was very snowy and in most days unwatchable.

So much for that theory.

I would like to know the number of people who can't afford basic cable and rely on the CBC for their television viewing.

I'm going to throw out the handshake here, let's agree to disagree in regards to the operation of the CBC.

Bottom line, the CBC made a mistake, they apologized for it, Moore took the brunt of it, and they're establishing a communication system so it won't happen again. Case closed.