CBC Big Hits Highlight reel

Is it just me or do most of these seem to be either late, or dirty hits?

There are a few that are just flat out impressive feats of atheleticism, but in general this seems to be put together by someone who doesn't know football from lemons, or good hits from well, not so great hits.

Here's a link

Some of those were weak...

I dont think any were dirty, 1 may have been late, a hit on the punter. If the defender touched the ball then itw was not late.

Ya that was kinda of lame a few good hits but it was way to blury and I mean come on they couldnt have added a bit more emotion any monkey can put a few clips together good choice of song though.

I remember that hit on Boreham near the beginning, he was lucky he didnt break his ankle on that hit, pretty ugly to watch.

…I love our CFL and all, but nothing comes close to this stuff…


…the best hits are past the 2:15 mark…