CBC article on how Printers got signed


Elliotte Friedman discusses how we ended up with Printers and how his agent ran up the price. And at the end, he mentions how we're going to make a run at Jason Clermont.

Kind of intersting, but not really. This is what 'shopping around' means. Even leave out the fact that the Tigercats are "in total disarray" and have a pitiful record, their QB situation warranted throwing money at Printers.
Besides, the crowds Hamilton has been getting justify this expense, if you want to maintain the current attendances (or even increase them a bit) this deal had to be made.
You've gotta spend money to make money.

Had the Previous Starting QB, played to expectations :wink:

if you're making an investment in a big signing like printers you'd better your due diligence and you'd better in invest in the proper surrounding staff and coaching to make this investment worth it's weight.
that is my only worry, i don't want the signing as another quick pitch attempt to keep the natives from being restless and happy temporarily. i want a winning team and i want it done right.

Massdestruction; thats enough with the Maas bashing. He is alot
better than we made him out to be. Don't forget with a proper offensive line; Maas or even Chang could have looked much better. Look at Tom Brady(who I can't stand by the way); he had an hour to throw yesterday. His line is what makes him. Of course he is very accurate; but even the broadcasters admitted how strong his offensive line is. Put Brady behind our line and he would get slaughtered. Casey at least can run out of trouble. Maas, Chang nor Brady have the legs that Printers has to avoid constant sacks behind our terrible front. So lets get off Maas/Chang and concentrate on Printers.