CBC announcer--why not Don Wittman?

Thinking about Mark Lee announcing for the CBC, I was, since he kept calling penalties for the wrong team, saying incorrect scores etc.

Then, I thought, why is Don Wittman doing curling and silly sports now? He used to be a top announcer for them. Why the fall from grace? Anyone else think he should get more time?

(By the way, what happened to Flutie? Why is he gone?)

i think all the cbc’s announcers s*ck :thup:

Don wittman is a great anouncer for hockey and football . Mark Lee needs to remember there is 2 teams on the field and the CFL does not revovlve around Toronto .

Don Wittman is excellent. Why the CBC continually cuts his work load from year to year makes no sense to me. I don't even like Mark Lee announcing commercials.

Yeah I agree, Don is always professional and doesn't get in the colour commenaries way. I can't stand Lee either, if I have the game on and I go into the kitchen or something I always get tricked into running back into the living room thinking something big has happened, but it is always just good old Mark Lee yelling and getting worked up over something really stupid like a 2 yard run or an incomplete pass.

Don Wittman? Come on, it was bad enough listening to Bob Cole and Harry Neil this play-offs not another old guy! PLEASE! Lets get GRAPES!lol

Re-i think all the cbc's announcers s*ck Thumbs Up

Dito- the best thing they could do is go back on strike, Silence is Golden