CBC and their Crap

Is it just me? Am i the only one going crazy over this crap that CBC is pulling how many games must I watch without commentary before they get a SCAB to do that work for them. I honestly think they have stopped showing some games as well. I couldnt find any NON-TSN CFL game this weekend. GET IT TOGETHER CBC!!!!!!!!!

do you mean the past weekend?
Mtl Winn was on CBC
Also the CBC and the union have come to a tentative agreement. It should be over soon

.....and I quite enjoy the announcer-less coverage.....I understand the game well enough to enjoy it without listening to Walby struggle with three syllable words.....

Both "non-TSN" games this week are scheduled for Thanksgiving Monday (that's Columbus Day, for you American fans!) on CBC. Neither are in BC, so both are still expected to air on CBC, as far as I know.

One thing that gets me is now they're talking about a settlement. Oh, yeah, can't have hockey air the way they've been airing the CFL! Can't hurt their precious hockey!

HAHA HAHA That is a valid point. I notice a lot of guys are hard on Walby but i prefer Walby anyday to Darren Flutie. I dont know when but some games Darren Flutie gets the stick instead (maybe only last year). Every third comment out of his mouth was, " That was great just like when i played for THE LIONS." or, "Now you see how THE LIONS did that play error free." or, "When i was playing with THE LIONS that wouldnt have happened." Its down right biased. I personally dont know how i missed the BOMBERS play the ALOUETTES but thats what i get for being ANGRY AND OUTTA CONTROL

I actually would like to see a hockey game without announcers. I think that would be cool.

However, I'm boycotting the NHL this year for all the crap that's gone on between the players and the league last year. I wish more people would do the same - after all, there would be no league if there were no fans and as far as I know none of the people in the dispute even acknowledged that...

It seems to me that either RDS or RadioCanada trued that a few years back but I’m not sure

BigDave wrote:

Oh, yeah, can't have hockey air the way they've been airing the CFL! Can't hurt their precious hockey!
Well said BigDave, the CBC has shown very little respect to the CFL and this is crap.

I suppose I'm in the minority when I say that I don't mind silent hockey. . .been known to turn it down myself a time or two. . .can't stand the way that Neale character says "Deeee-troyit", and I'd rather listen to silence and miss the sounds of the game itself rather than hear good ol' Dicky ramble on about nothing in particular. . .again. . .

Who in a lockout/strike situation has ever shown respect to anyone?
Would you say the same if this was a strike and not a lockout.
A few provinces have anti-scab laws

I say give the jobs to those who want them.

Strike, lockout, whatever you want to call it, it's squabbling and these days I honestly don't think anyone gets treated unfairly for the work they do....

And yes I have been both locked-out of a job and on strike over another. The best thing I did in both those cases was quit and find a new job elsewhere - my current one non-union, and I've never been treated more fairly.

And oh yeah, screw the CBC money pit.

Here Here....GIve TSN all the games..they are largely responsible for the revival of the CFL.... NOT CBC....and if your from Tuktuyuktuk....tough whale blubber!!! get a Dish to watch the Grey Cup

TSN does a great job in showing the CFL, by far better than CBC but TSN absolutely sucks for hockey. If it ain't the Leafs then no other team matters.

I remember that. It was a playoff game actually I think. It was ok for me because I got to watch the game, and since I don't understand french anyways, it was a better situation for me. Its hard to follow the game regularly if the French is on. Man I really gotta learn French

I'm glad the CBC is back, now we can watch true profesionals cover the game...and congrat's to the membership, you guy's stuck to your guns, the fight against contracting out is alway's a messy one.

Stuck to their guns?
What little I have heard about the new agreement says they caved.

Since CTV (who owns TSN) actually owns the TV broadcast rights to all CFL games, if they decided to bypass the CBC for the playoffs and Grey Cup, couldn’t they use TSN announcers and staff, but air the games on CTV, so that it would be available on free TV nationwide?

Be good for TSN too, since it would give those who don’t subscribe to the channel a taste of what it’s like to see a CFL game on “Canada’s sports leader.”

I guess they could and they did before TSN came along
I remember when the cfl was split between CTV and CBC. They even split the cup with one doing the first half and another doing the second.

are you sure about the cup thing. i thought they allowed both to cover the whole game. that was when ctv was cky was it not. i would have no issue with tsn covering the cup as long as it gets shown on national farmer vision tv. everyone in this country needs access to this game and not just the cable folk.

I dont remember CTV ever being CKY at least not in my time. I do specificly remember the CTV CBC grey cup split.

I would like to see TSN cover the cup because I would think they would broadcast in High Deff. CBC has a High Deff channel but the games never are. Maybe when the lockout is over!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: