CBC and mainstream conformist journalism

It was considered racist .

too lazy to google and show it .

The world is now completely crazy and the CBC has allowed the inmates to take over the hospital .

Just came across this book which someone mentioned on Facebook. I have an inkling that Tara and this author would get along quite well. A good synopsis here from one of the reviewers on Goodreads:

The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America - by Victor Davis Hanson

"In his forthcoming book, the Dying Citizen, noted historian Victor Davis Hanson cogently explains the roots of citizenship in the ancient Greek democracies and traces the modern-day threats to citizenship in current America.

Hanson begins his treatise by discussing the citizens of the ancient Greek republics who were, for the most part, middle-class people who saw themselves protected by laws rather than by transitory goodwill or the patronage of aristocrats and were thus enabled and emboldened to produce and create. That idea of citizenship with responsibilities and rights has been expanded over the past 200 plus years to include the poor, women, and minorities, creating the free-est country in the history of the world.

Yet, now that idea of citizenship is threatened by the shrinking of the middle-class in a world where jobs have been shipped overseas and the middle-class of the most affluent and technology advanced state (California) cannot afford a home and cannot afford to raise their families there. Without the middle-class, the world becomes the rich elites who do not need the protection of government because they are transnational and can go anywhere and the impoverished uneducated who have not learned the values of democracy.

Secondly, Hanson points out that there is a dilution in distinction now between citizens and residents so that those who come here illegally have the same rights as those who were born here and those who followed the rules. This illegal immigration has resulted in jurisdictions where they openly defy federal law, weakening the rule of law and the protections of law that so many have counted on. It has also resulted in untold thousands of criminals among the many essentially decent people who have crossed the border illegally, but in such numbers that even a small minority of criminals have caused unimaginable havoc and suffering on those who relied on the government to protect them from criminals.

The third threat to citizenship and democracy that Hanson identifies is the breakdown of Americans into separate identity tribes as opposed to one national identity. This, in turn, causes harm to patriotism and to adherence to shared values and history. He notes that “the story of the United States was never just a simplistic psychodrama” of different racial groups warring, but often a tale of class antagonism. Notably, though, the founding documents offered a “sanctioned pathway out of bias to a fairer and more racially blind society.” Multiculturalism fragments citizenship into racial categories and divides us further. Opposed to tribalism though is individualism and the American ideal is to each be treated on their own merit, not based on shared characteristics.

The fourth threat to citizenship identified in this book is the unelected whether that is the ever-growing power of the deep state, the unelected bureaucracy which thinks it knows better than the ordinary citizen. “The bureaucratic threat, then, to classical citizenship is an ascendance of a virtual unelected aristocracy or rigged oligarchy that exercises power in a manner that does not reflect consensual government.” These powerful elites have also of late taken root in the journalistic industry which no longer purports to be neutral and whose biases are now clearer than ever and more partisan than ever.

The fifth threat is called evolutionaries, that is, those who would do away with our common heritage and throw out the baby with the bathwater, trashing the constitution, the amendments, the makeup of the Supreme Court, the freedoms we hold dear. Elites now are piecemeal attacking the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, and wielding whatever power they deem right to suit their ends.

Finally, the sixth threat to citizenship is globalism whereby the elites have decreed that all civilizations are equal and that there is nothing to be admired about the free United States. In service of globalism, it is often the middle and lower classes that suffer as their jobs are shipped out of country and their lives are hollowed out. Globalism also results in submission to world bodies dominated by Iran and North Korea where the idea of human rights is not serious and our sovereignty is gifted to international bodies who do not have our interests at heart.

Thus, there are today a number of ever-escalating threats to freedom and democracy and our way of life and we had better recognize the thin ice we are skating on before our freedoms are crushed in the pathway of someone else’s idea of a better world."

I don't believe we have any centrist objective news agencies anymore or ones that even try.

The CBC has become more of a propaganda machine. I have barely viewed anything of theirs or have taken any of their view points seriously for about 5-6 years. Their coverage for Canada's 150th was probably the last time I watched anything significant, and that seemed more about Mansbridge's going away retirement party than the 150th.

How is a media group that has had access to the entire country in TV and Radio such a failure? This is an entity that should have been set up even with the loss of the NHL.

Perhaps they could start by removing the so called journalist that every time she interviews the PM she blushes like a teenager with a crush, and looks devastated when she actually has to ask a real question to him.

As for US news. For objectivity I don't think there is any. And CNN is not central. Years ago, like the CBC in Canada, if I was looking for news, I generally looked there. Now its an absolute farce that is no better or possibly worse than FOX, because now not only do shovel crap out for news, they eat it happily themselves.

Unfortunately, I view the news the same way I view movies. Generally if critics love it, I generally don't. If critics hate it, pretty good chance I will like it.

I did enjoy Schitt's Creek though, and at one time 22minutes and RCAFarce 10-20 years ago.

Is Rick Mercer still on CBC?

Didn't find him as amusing as advertised.

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I appreciate your research and frequent attachments, but this one looks like pure propaganda to me.

Don't know, he's a conservative though, of course that doesn't make him necessarily a "propagandist" any more than a liberal:

Haven't watched this yet but here's an interview talking about The Dying Citizen:

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Holy cow I just watched the Guy on YouTube today .

Very smart guy Hanson .

I was never a Trump lover as he has some entitled thinking but he shook people up with globalism and the effects of it with his inarticulate talk .

When you hear it articulated by others you get a better understanding where it stands alone without all the shouting and cheering on both sides .

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That guy is so unfunny .

The only piece a little funny is where he stole the joke from others by asking Americans questions on Canada .

CBC needs an enema .

CBC radio I find is tremendous.

No issues with CBC radio myself.

I do enjoy some of the Canadian musicians and bands they highlight that wouldn't get air time on private stations.

At one time all media outlets had to be “honest, fact checked, and provide for alternative opinions” as part of their laws
Reagan changed that in the USA in the 80’s allowing first Fox News to promote the views of their owners only, which were strongly tied to the Republican Party
This opened the doors for CNN MSNBC One America Etc etc to use more opinion than facts, to push their owners dogma, etc
The CBC then became a political football for being in the 90’s and early 2000’s “balanced” but that ended when The Liberals and Conservatives held money over their heads like Damocles Sword
The Cons wanted to take money away the Libs said we will give you money
Guess which party won out on the journalists

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