CBA News

Whats the news with the CBA, are we going to have a season?

Yes, we'll have a season. Don't let the media play the part of the boogie man.

In previous seasons when a new CBA has not been agreed on, the players and the league have held the previous CBA as valid untill nogotiations are finished.

Most guys in the CFL arn't money hungry enough to support a hold-out, they're here to play ball. for a decent, but modest salary in most cases.

Note this blog post on CFL salaries from 4 years ago. Please note I am looking only at the facts reported and do not share the author's views at all: :thdn:

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Certainly I hope things have improved? :?

I agree with Sandusky that the minimum salaries ought to higher though I say $70K with a minimum contract of 3 years plus one for all import players to weed out the "drop-bys" and lower the crowd going through that revolving border door. :thup:

The 3 plus 1 will never be enforced by the league the only way to slow the revolving door of imports is to reduce the number of imports to 4 starters, and sign them to lucrative contracts. from all "reports" the number of import starters will be increased because they are cheaper.

How is this going to grow our game and our league ? You think the Swiss Hockey team would be competitive today if they allowed 16 foreigners per team in their league ?

how many do they allow? Just saying the CFL should limit the number of imports and ensure that the Imports that do come north are better than the non imports they replace, not just cheaper! IMHO. However it looks like the revers of that is going to happen. like it or not.