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The deal contains several changes to the league’s Canadian ratio, with teams required to start eight National players in 2023, an increase from seven in 2022. One of those players can be a “Nationalized American” — defined as a player who has spent a minimum of three years in the same city or five in the CFL.

Two additional Nationalized Americans can substitute for a National starter for up to 49 percent of snaps in a game. These two players cannot play on the same side of the ball. The league has the option, at its own discretion, to increase the number of Nationalized American substitutes to three beginning in 2024.

On the surface, the ratio of Canadian starters increases to 8.

However, 1 of those 8 can be a veteran American.

And 2 more of those 8 only have to play 51% of snaps.

The real result is that the ratio of Canadian starters has decreased to 6 (out of 24 fielded players). And in 2024, the league could further reduce that to 5.5.