CBA 2014

Scott Flory is the new leader of the CFLPA.

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 6h
BREAKING #CFL news: Have been informed that #Alouettes guard Scott Flory is the new president of CFLPA

This is telling!!

“While the CFLPA agrees that we must remain sensible and smart about our business, the burden of financial responsibility is not one that can or should be borne solely by the Players. While we want to continue to play the game that we love, we will not play the 2014 season under the terms of the current CBA.?

Noticed that too hey :wink: I don't blame them. Its now or never.

that statement is in stark contrast to what Morrele had stated and is probably the reason they cut him loose, IMO.

Go for it players go on strike… :slight_smile: won’t happen stop talking smack and get to negotiating hollow empty threats are annoying

Well…at least if there is a strike, there will be something of a silver lining as the stadium might get done in time after the strike delay.

Seriously though, apart from Sask, none of the teams are making crazy money and indeed Hamilton, Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal may in fact be losing money with how things are right now.

Its not the players job to pickup the tab for bad management. If the league wants to protect owners from hiring/firing the Cortez and Hawkins of the world and investing in soccer teams or giving lavish salaries to their sons. The owners of the other ball clubs can bail them out.


I take everything that comes out of a Sportsnet article with a grain of salt. Rogers has shown a clear, anti-CFL bias so I'm disinclined to take their reports as anything more then pot stirring.

The players deserve a raise, right now the min. wage is $45K and alot of players are getting paid
a wage close to minimum.
The teams are crying poverty, but still seem to have the money to pay big money to coaches and staff
The teams owners don't seem to have a problem hiring extra staff like RB coaches, LB coaches, 2 Special teams coaches.
I know there is a need for these coaches, but not at the expense of player salaries!
There are 2 sides to a football team, staff and players.
IMHO, the players are the most important part of the league
The players salaries should not be kept low at the expense of secondary coaches and secondary staff
The players must come first.


In the last five years, Revenues have increased at minimum 50 percent sometimes doubled (Saskatchewan, Winnipeg) Coaching/Scouting budgets have more than doubled, yet player salaries have increased less than 10 percent (below inflation) !

So Cohon, Owners and the GM/HC have all lined their pockets with huge raises while the players got skrewed. The owners are the ones who messed up a good thing IMO.

8) Got quite the laugh this morning reading the article in this mornings edition of the Spectator.
   They have an article on Scott Flory replacing Mike Morreale as the new President of the CFLPA, and pictures of both men.

    Only thing is the Spec has a picture of Rob Hitchcock, over the caption that Morreale has been replaced !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

     Typical Spectator.  Pathetic to say the least !!   Inexcusable.

That’s Hilarious!

… Someone at The Spec must have noticed the error though, as the ‘on-line’ edition of the paper has Morreale’s picture rather than Hitchcock’s.

The CFL/CFLPA CBA negotiation will be interesting. Its the first time I've ever heard of the possibility of a work stoppage in he CFL and is sure to be different from other recent stoppages in other leagues. At the end of the day, both sides need to realize they need a deal that is fair to both, and also allows both to survive. The 2 sides really are co-dependent on each other, and they need to keep that in mind. The players deserve a bump in pay, but the owners, especially the Braleys and Young deserve to finally reap some profit on their long standing devotion to the CFL and Canada. Lets remember, these guys were willingly taking losses for a decade+, for the survival of the league, And the players also gave a major concession last go around by getting rid of their percentage.

Both sides need to realize that this is very much still a league that is growing and stabilizing. What ever deal is done needs to be whats best for the league (not ownership) as a whole.

If there is a work stoppage, the players need to be prepared to scrap at least four games pay. The owners will save money by not holding a training camp. Anywhere from 200 to 400k depending on the team, Now if the players are prepared to hold out for a month that works out to six games for the owners if you count the 2 pre-season games where the players get ZERO pay and that’s when fans will start to request refunds and cancel season tickets. But the players have to be prepared to scrap four weeks pay to get to sit at the table and be taken seriously.

HfxTC … I’d encourage you to read the CBA. … t-2010.pdf

Specifically … on page 33 …

Section 11.01 Compensation
During the years 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 the Member Clubs in the C.F.L.
shall pay the sums described herein to the veteran Players described herein per week, for a
minimum of three (3) weeks for each week, or any part thereof commencing with the first day of
the training camp period and ending on the 7th day prior to the day before the day when 8
Member Clubs in the C.F.L. shall have played their first regular season game:
$525.00 per week for a Player having qualified as a veteran for one year;
$625.00 per week for a Player having qualified as a veteran for two years;
$725.00 per week for a Player having qualified as a veteran for three or more

There’s other stuff in there about per diem’s for OTA’s as well as payments during and after training camp.

I encourage you to acquaint yourself with the document for future reference.

FG69, It was stated by the CFLPA that they would not play under the terms of that contract!
That contract expires the day before training camp I believe.

Right you are @Grover. The CBA I've quoted is the most recent one that expires the day before training camp.

HfxTC said that players are not paid for training camp and/or preseason games ... which is wrong ... which is why I referenced the latest CBA.

HfxTC wrote: [b][i]if you count the 2 pre-season games where the players get ZERO pay [/i][/b]
With all the discussions on the CBA ... past/present/future ... I encourage everyone to acquaint themselves with the document before making statements ... which as I've shown ... are erroneous.

I've read the whole thing. That's not part of the players contract money its a "stipend" for taking part in training camp and is part of the 400k expense incurred by the team for which they more than make up for with the gate of their pre-season game. But if you want to be technical yes the players would lose their training camp stipend but it hardly qualifies as anything significant. You would be hard pressed to find a player who would not give up 2100 bucks gross in exchange for not having to put himself through training camp, sleeping on a University cot for four weeks.

Now across the board table, the owners have lost nothing if the players sit out camp. Their broadcaster is out nothing and the owners are out no money. Again the owners will not start feeling pressure until more regular season revenues start to go missing.