CB Gable bulking up


I don't know how I feel about this. I mean if he's lost some fat, great, but this to me echos of De'Andra Cobb, a great first year standout RB that put on some extra muscle and size and then lost some of his mobility as a result and got cut.

idk Cobb always seemed a little lazy at times to me.

but I get what your saying if the extra size stops CJ from supermanin over the opposition than yah I don't want supersized CJ

I found that Cobb's style had him often hesitate when he hit the hole so he could juke and slip though, and it worked because he was so mobile, but when he put on the extra lbs he couldn't juke quick enough and he wasn't a big enough RB to be an Avon Cobourne, hit the hole like a rhino kind of back.

Cobb wasn't a classic "shifty" runner to begin with, and his "style" of not hitting the line almost never worked. Cobb made big plays when there was a big hole at the point of attack, or they were able to throw the ball to him in space.

Cobb's downfall was not a consequence of gaining weight, it was a consequence of being a one-dimensional fast straight-line runner who refused to hit the line hard.

Gable is a completely different player, and as a recent writeup indicated, he was in almost daily contact with his position coach through the off-season. I think any armchair hand-wringing over Gable's physique is unfounded.

I have absolutely ZERO concerns when it comes to CJ. Many players say how hard they worked in the off-season, but I find it difficult to imagine anyone who actually worked harder than Carl Jr. Following him on Twitter & Instagram, I saw how hard he was working with personal trainers & RB gurus etc. Dude has been absolutely killing it & grinding HARD all off-season.

CJ & Cobb are different backs. With all due respect to DeAndra ... there's a difference between starting @ USC as a freshman & being a KR convert RB at MSU. CJ is the prototypical professional running back ... taller by 2 inches & 20 pounds bigger ... and he has a chip on his shoulder to earn back what he let slip through his fingers by battling with Pete Carroll which cost him his job to future Heismann/Kardashian Reggie Bush! I'm going to enjoy see him crush it this season and parlay that into a quality NFL opportunity.

CJ is going 2K this season. 2000 all purpose yards. I think it'll be 1K rushing & 1K receiving. Here's why;

  1. With Zack Collaros running the Zone-Read-Run-Option effectively, CJ will see nice big wide holes & gaps to run through.
  2. With the weapons that Hamilton has, opposing teams won't be able to just focus on him.
  3. Austin & Condell will get CJ the touches. They'll use him in a multitude of ways & manners.
  4. CJ has prepped himself for a 20 game season physically. He's ready to carry the load.

He'll be the Eastern Division All-Star RB ... CJ is gonna have a monster year!

Sounds like Gable increased his strength and conditioning rather than just "bulking up". Cobb's problems were between his ears.

No back gains 1000 yards on the ground without an effective run blocking OL - not even in the CFL. I’ll wait to proclaim Gable an All Star until I see if this retooled OL can create space inside.

Really? I'd say a lot of Cobb's problems were between the tackles.

Hard to block for a guy when he doesnt know what to do and doesnt have the passion to work through it.

Smart move. The league waits until the end of the year before they proclaim too,

Would you rather see the running back slam into the back of his non-blocking O-linemen time after time? That doesn't take much passion from the back nor is it using the space between his ears very effectively. Like everything else in this game, the running game is a collaboration. The common reaction is simply to blame the running back if the running game isn't working.

Some of the posters on this board can't wait that long.

My only real concern about Gable is that,I’m pretty sure (short of something catastrophic) this will be his last year in Hamilton…

Cobb never a hit hole full speed after his 1st season I’
don’t think have the same problem CJ is much tougher back