Cayman Shutter & Myles Gibbon

Not if they change the rules, and why is it silly?
They could reduce the number of Canadian starters by two per team in 2014 when Ottawa enters the league and still maintain approximately the same TOTAL number of Canadians in the league as they do now. The problem will be that if they don't reduce the number of Canadians per team in 014 there will be 9 teams going after a very small pool of the designated "Canadian Offensive linemen" The reduction would allow teams to reduce costs and allow more flexibility in their rosters.

Quinton Porter pulled in $100,000 - $130,000 as the #2 during his tenure with the Cats, while McPherson earned $100,000+ with the Als.

And Glenn likely made more than these two as a backup QB as well.

pretty decent money for 5 months.

Well that was an idea that Matt Dunigan came up with a few years ago. If you dressed a Non-Import as one of your quarterbacks, you could then dress an extra Import somewhere else on the field. Don't know how it would have worked out; no one gave it any serious consideration that I know of.

I do not think that lowering the number of Canadian starters would be the way to go but Dunnigan may be onto something in having a Canadian QB could mean adding an extra import to the 42 man game roster within a different CBA agreement.
42 man rosters consisting of just 2 QBs not being part of the ratio with the 3ed QB being part of the ratio.
42 man roster.
two QBs
20 imports
20 non imports
If a team were to have a Canadian QB on the 42 man roster he would take one of the non import roster spots.
a coach may then add another import position player giving a team a 4th DI. would help if a team had an import kicker on the roster giving said coach an extra spot to carry a a second import RB a problem that Toronto Ran into last season.
It will give the coach a some more flexibility with imports being the reward for carrying a Canadian QB

As the draft is only two days away there has not been much in talks of Shutter or Gibbon. Inparticular Shutter for all indensive purposes is like a US import rookie QB right out of University somehting that the CFL does not see much of anymore with last year Bo Levi Mitchell being the exception. Most at least hit the Mini Camp circuit or NFL training camp circuit spending time on practice rosters or a as 3rd stringers for a few seasons.
Shutter got all his high level HS and College training in the US and a DI recruited QB who was a back up for the U of H. even though his starting shot never came he was in the mix a lot and stuck it out at UH instead of transfering down like Bo Levi did to 1 AA or reilly did to DII to play.
Shutter most likely is as good as any import true rookie that a team would bring in only being Canadian he will not count towards the number of TC roster players under the new Canadian QB rule which makes them non Counters.
He is young but has all of the tools so getting at least a camp invite should be no issue. Also being Canadian with basically import QB training at a high level would allow a team to keep him on the practice roster as one of the two mandatory Non imports needed to fill 2 of the 7 spots.
Also with the Advent of a new CBA and all of the attention being brought to giving Canadian QBs a spot on every team in some way having a player like shutter with the size, arm, and potential would give a team a head start in the process.
Also having the training and skill of an import could enable a team to do some creative roster manuvering where they could list shutter as a SB or WR to fill one of the Non import spots which could enable a team to carry 4 QBs on the roster especially if shutter should excell at such specialties as a holder or short yardage QB in the near future a spot where a veteran like say Kevein Glenn would not be interestd in doing as a strict back up only or the same possibility of that hapening with Buck Pierce should he become a straight number two QB there would be no way that a team would make him a short yardage QB or even a holder in the next tow or three years.
It has not been unheard of to have a it has not been unheard of to have a 3rd or 4th string QB double as a receiver in the NFL or CFL.
Also if from what I have read is true Shutter is a pro style QB and not a tebow type something the the CFL coaches have been leaning towards over the past few years with the emegrence of Callivillo, Ray, and now Lulay. Opposed to the dual threat runners as a Joseph in his prime

Gibbon has also gotten a chance to help build an NCAA DI team from scratch at the the univeristy of south Alabama where he was their first starter. graduating from USA gave him a chance to come right to the CIS and jump right into the strting line up at York. unlike some of the high profile guys like graves, greene, and Quinlan Gibbon has flown under the radar at york but has played in a pro style no huddle offense at York under former CIS star Michael Faulds who knows all to well how hard it is for a Canadian QB to make it in the CFL and I am guessing that the offense he helped to put in at York would better prepare a Canadian QB coming out of the CIS a lot better prepared for the CFL.
I would think with the non counter Canadian QB rule for training camp that Gibbon should also have no trouble landing a spot in a CFL camp. I think he will be more likely go back to York for his last season do to his situation of already spending a year there and give him one more year in a pro style offense at York. I imagine that both Gibbon and Faulds sought each other out last year which made this a perfect fit for both. With Gibbon not going to be much Younger than Faulds was when he began a career as an OC for York that Gibbon may have a lot to do with play calling himself as he is not on undergrad but a post grad student

No team is going to have Canadian QB as a ratio player, because then 2 of your designated import spots are eaten up by the backup…unless you have all Canadian QBs of course.

There are lots of ways they can encourage Canadian QB spots…my fav is to give a salary cap exemption on a Canadian QB, of course with a cap on their pay…say 100K (for argument sake) and if they end up a starter making 250K only 150 goes on Cap. Personally I like this idea…every club would have an active Canadian QB! This also encourages development at Jr levels. It also is a way of going about it without punishing other players (specifically NI guys who will lose their jobs if the required NI spots drops), and doesn’t essentially punish clubs who choose not to use a NI QB (because the ratio, GD and PR rosters, DI #s for all teams are then still the same).
Other ideas:

  • add a DI spot for clubs with one
  • add an extra game day spot for clubs with a Canadian QB
  • add extra PR spots specifically for Canadian QBs, thus offering them development time…maybe a season or 2 and they are on the gameday roster

There are lots of ways to encourage teams to utilize a NI QB. Reducing the number of other ratio players required, IMO, only hurts the development of players and pisses off a lot of fans. There are solid ways of encouraging a new trend without hurting the existing NI talent pool, which seems to get better every year. Don’t touch the ratio. If the ratio dips below 50% (excluding QBs), IMO, you may as well dump it entirely. Then we can all watch all American rosters playing Canadian Football.