Cayman Shutter & Myles Gibbon

Realistically, what are their chances of making a CFL squad?

I think here we have the best possible scenario for a Canadian QB than we've had in years. Two Canadian born QB's who have spent their formative years in the American system, playing against, bigger, faster and stronger defenses all the way into university.

Shutter hasn't played since High School. He has about as much chance to get drafted as Swedish House Mafia has of doing the half time show at the Grey Cup.

Gibbon has another year of eligiblity left at York.
Shutter I believe played 3 seasons at Haiwaii redshirting his freshman year and a DUI before his SR season hurt his chances at a starting job.
Since shutter played only 3 seasons would he not have 2 years of VIS eligibility left if playing time is what he needs

Not sure Shutter could go to the CIS because he would need to sit out a year due to transfer rules because I don't think he graduationed from Hawaii he just forfeited his NCAA eligibility to enter the CFL draft.
If he could go to the CIS without worrying about the transfer rules then I think he'd have 1 year.

I can't really see either of these guys getting drafted outside of maybe as 6th round guys, but they are projects hopefully both get to attend CFL TC's, with shutter spending the year on a team PR and Gibbon getting 6 weeks on the PR before going back to York.
It's really hard to say what Shutter is because sure he was at Hawaii but he barely played so who knows how good he is..

Very true about Shutter. I cant seem to find his age anywhere but I would imagine he would still be eligible to play in the Juniors. PFC or BCFC of course would be the two leagues that still have some top competition.

Yup Shutter should be 22 this year, which would allow him to play in the CJFL although I'm not sure what the other limitations are in relation to having played in the NCAA.

Although it would be best for him to get a year at the CIS, but if the transfer rule is in effect he really would have no other option. There are a few teams who lost(graduated) their 2012 starting QB in the CIS too like Manitoba, Mac, Acadia IF he could play in the CIS.

Greg Bowcott left SFU after 2011 of the NCAA played a year of Junior in Langley 2012 and will now be playing for UBC. Bowcott domintated in the CJFL so there would be many a Junior team that would take on shutter for a season. without Bowcott no way Langley gets to the Canadian Bowl

considering this Shutter guy hardly played as a Backup his ENTIRE College career, I'd say he has no chance.

It is pretty much unknown how good he is but considering that he basically grew up in the US football system was given a DI scholarship and lost his shot at being a starter last year do to a DUI and has left the school early to apply for the CFL draft he most likely has as much talent as any of the rookie import QBs that signed last season right out of University.
Being Canadian however gives a talented football player a chance at being moved to another position with so many other US QBs on the same level as Shutter.

There is no chance either one will get a shot.... as long as our league is controled by forigners.... The chances are slim to none.

We have discussed this issue many times before, almost as much as the favourable expansion topic.
There is no reason and especially now with the added TV contract, that each team should carry 1 roster position for a Canadian QB only.

A much more effective way to encourage a Canadian QB would be to lower the Canadian starter limit from 7 to 6 if your QB is Canadian... In essense there would still be 7 Canadian starters... one would just be classified as a qb.

It is simply an outdated thought process that was in place when
A. The CFL would draw some top big name NCAA QBs especially black QBs that were discriminated against by the NFL.
B. When there was not as much Canadian Talent as there is available now and QBs that played for Canadian Universities were the best athletes on there University team and moving them to another position, Safety, Receiver, special teams, etc to fill the Canadian NI portion of the roster with the best Canadian Football players and that meant moving Candian QBs to other positions to get them onto the field and playing right away.
This is no longer the case and although there are College QBs NCAA and CIS that move to different positions in the NFL and the CFL The move of Brad Sinopoli may be the straw that broke the fans backs as there is no way that Sinopoli will be better at WR then at QB.

it's because the TEAMS do not have the time nor the resources to put into a Canadian QB that will need years of training and patience to get him anywhere near a starting position.

if any of you actually think there is a QB in Canada TODAY that could go to a team, wait a few seasons and then start? you seriously don't know anything about how football works!

not ONE! of the QB's in College football in Canada are capable of becoming a starter in 3 years.

not enough playing time, not enough experience and not good enough, PERIOD!

Certainly that would be an opinion and not a fact. By putting 1 of the 3 QB positions into the ratio with 2 QBs 20 imports and 20 non imports would give the team a choice of weather they would simply continue on as they are or give a top rated Canadian a chance. giving the coach a choice of what to do with the now 20th Import roster spot. Sinopoli at this time has proved to be at least a #3 QB. he could handle the holding or short yardage duties most likely while working on his game and trying to move up to a #2. often times it may be more important to carry a secon import RB on the 42 game day something in which Toronto and Hamilton were unble to at point last season. Just one example of how this could work for a team

As long as that QB is on the field. IF he's just there to hold a clipboard. Every team will have one on the roster as a placeholder.

you cannot reduce the required # of Canadian starters.. that's completely silly.

but the point of having a QB, American or Canadian is not to be your designated Clipboard carrier for a career. it's be eventually train them into becoming a possible Starter.

Sinopoli will never really become a Starting QB in the CFL. because he is not better than Drew Tate.

what is the point of keeping someone on your roster if he never will start?

There are many QBs that have made a career out of being a back. Right now Tate is better than sinopoli but Tate has also been in pro football for quite a few years before he even got a shot as a starter.
I still say make only 2 QBs as not part of the 42 man roster ratio and make the one one the QB spots as part of the ratio that would be an equal 20 imports and 20 Non Imports, How many coaches would love to have even one more import on the game day 42 man roster.

yeah but who in their right mind wants to be a career backup?

if money is the only thing important to you then be my guest! but everyone usually wants to be on the field playing the game!

don’t know of too many CFL Backup QB’s making decent money.