8) According to the Spec this morning the Cats have brought Marko Cavka back because of an injury to Charles Thomas.

Cvaka is expected to start on Sat.

Also Prechae Rodriguez is banged up and Eddie Cohen could get his first start replacing him !!!

ya They Brought him back Yesterday
Guess with Larger Practice Roster they had the room now

Must be alot of pride on this team! :wink:

Cavka coming back is worth three exclamation points?

This is from the Spec article. I posted a link in the 'we're stuck with chuck' thread.

A couple of lineup changes in the offing.

Offensive tackle Charles Thomas has a shoulder sprain,

so the Ticats brought back recently released

Marko Cavka who is expected
to get a reprieve and a start.

And import receiver Prechae Rodriguez is banged up.

That could lead to the first start of the season
for import receiver Eddie Cohen.

O'Billovich said new faces will begin arriving
in the lair early next week when the practice roster
is able to expand from six to 12.

The GM expects to sign

a couple of young QBs for the future,

as well as seek some help for the offensive
and defensive line.

Expect a defensive back and another receiver
to be inked as well.

Marko was not let go because he wasn't capable.

We released him to start 3 Canadian O-linemen.

Why the 3 exclamation marks, als4ever?

Some fans are upset with Jonte Woodard
who had 3 penalties in the last game.

Marko has a year of learning the CFL game,
he is 24 years old and he has a big upside.

Cavka is a BIG improvement over Woodard and I'm glad the coaches and GM finally got it right! :roll:

I'm very happy with the Woodard out and Cavka back in decision!

Now we wont have to get all worked up about Woodard and his great penalties which include holding(Tackling in his case) and all those lovely false starts!

How is that for exclamation three marks.

But don't Cavka and Woodard play different positions?

Cavka has played Tackle his whole career until this year when he moved to Guard. I'm sure we will see Cavka at Woodard old Tackle position. Unless Dyakowski moves to Woodard spot and Rempel takes Peter's spot and Cavka plays for a hurt Thomas. - did you get all that? lol

IMO he(Cavka) is more than qualified for the spot compared to Woodard.

Marko was at LT Gerald Davis at RT
at practice, no sign of Woodard.

Glad he's back. The wrong import had been cut, now it has been fixed. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

8) Atta boy GBonds88, those exclamation points are just great !!! Love them !!!!! :lol:

This game's depth has Kavka at RT and Davis at LT.

Silly me. I was looking at the line
from the wrong side, the defensive side.