Cavka cut

[url=] ... linebacker[/url]

Obie must have a line on some big American beef coming north via NFL cuts soon.

Wow. I guess they like the play of Jonta Woodard instead.

MP - at least Cavka could play Guard. Woodard can't. Maybe O'bie found a good Guard, but not a good OT (yet)?

Ya I was shock when Heard today at the Stadium.
Marko I though was a Real Find..

STRANGE :roll:

Its the DLine Bob. :roll:

Why not wait until after the Labour Day game? He's not a multiyear vet, so his salary still isn't guaranteed after nine games.

We just released our best lineman???


Practice Roster until next week?

What........thats wierd.

8)'s both lines !!! :roll:

Nope cut not going to the Practice roster .

i'm in amazement, shawk and awe. i thought we were really high on this guy? it's gotta be a ratio thing but why not woodard instead?

there are some things you'll just never know or figure out

I would like the Argos to bring this guy down the QEW...

Could it have possibly been an attitude problem in the locker room? There didn't seem to be any evidence of it, but could that have been it?

And the team did bring in a DT. And that DT, Tory Collins, is listed as a starter on the depth chart.

I thought changes needed to be made to the offensive line. But this was not exactly what I had in mind. I thought problems with that line had more to do with the two other imports on it.

Good luck to Cavka in the future.

Woodard had better pick up his game or he might be next. Thomas has been better on the other side this season, which frankly has surprised me!

Oski Wee Wee,

Agreed Russ Thomas surprised me also .

I agree that Woodard is or should be on the bubble. Thing is not everyone can play left tackle and I'm assuming that the coaches didn't see Cavka on that side. He was oversized (too tall) as a guard and Thomas has clearly been better on the right side. We could really use a stud on the left side but they're not easy to find...

Charlie said, on his Ticats TV news conference today
that unfortunately for Marko, George Hudson's return

will allows us to start 3 O-linemen
among our 7 starting Canadians

This has always been the plan.

It's George, Peter Dyakowsky
and Nautyn Mc Kay-Loescher.

[since Cedric Marcoux-Gagne
is out for the season now.]

Charlie said Jordan Rempel has come along
and he'll be able to fill in in an emergency.

Cornelious Anthony will fill in
if Zeke Moreno gets injured.

8) Don't you mean George Hudson, Dyakowsky, and Marwan Hage as starting Canadians on the O Line Ron.
Not Loescher ??