Cavka and Glasper officially cut again

So says our news page. Will they stay cut? Boden gone too.

We still have a revolving door? We bring in Hoke and Coker...release them. Sign Boden and resign Cavka and then release them. Anyone staying?

It will be interesting with Cavka cut and Thomas who was injured last game still uncertain for the next game?

Two new Import tackles?

Gerald Davis will move from the practice roster to one OT position.

Wow!! Boden dresses for one game and is gone before we know it. What up with that?

Whats up with this latest decision? Glasper was a project - linebacker to free safety - not fricking likely.
Cavka should have stayed cut - what a horrible waste of time bringing back players that were not good enough to make the team in the first place. Josh Boden - give me break Wally Buno gives up on the kid and he ends up in Hamilton as yet another Obie project.

No wonder this team is in the present state it is in - CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP - brings in old news players who have no talent. I am starting to believe Obie is way over his head. Probably should have stuck to baby
sitting his grandkids in Oakville. Can someone name some quality talent that was brought in by Obie that has made a difference? To coin Mel Lastman " NO BODY "

I, for one, would like to have Mel Lastman's coin. :slight_smile:

8) Maybe he got into trouble again during his 3 days as a TiCat !!!! :roll:
  Make you wonder if anyone knows what they  are doing anymore in this outfit  !!!

It's easy to make fun of the Ticats these days, Tipper,

but the failing is more likely to have been on Josh Boden's part.

Maybe it had something to do with

Josh, his ' homeboys' and a weekend in Vancouver

yeah, he did so well in the one game he played: he impersonated either a pylon or a turnstile, i forget which. of course, he was against cameron wake most of the time, but he got chewed up pretty bad. let's see if he can handle anwar stewart.

Did Davis play a game yet?

It was Thomas and Marko last week in B.C. at left and right tackle.

I think he was refering to the previous BC game .... the last game Taaffe coached. I know I'd like to forget it as well.

8) If that is the case Ron, then Mr. Boden has effectively ended his football career already !!
  Being that this was his second chance, then I guess Wally was right in releasing him when he did  !!

  Some guys just never learn  !!  Retirement comes quite early for some folks !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->