Cavillo to be traded?

According to Herb Zurkowsky in The Gazette this morning, there is rumor that QB Anthony Cavillo will be traded to Winnipeg for QB Kevin Glenn and LB Barron Simpson. Cavillo was not one of the 22 Als that had his contract extended and did not come back to Montreal from Winnipeg until the day after his teamates. According to the article, he even missed the final team dinner which did not go over well with his teamates. Is this the end of AC in Montreal? If so, who is QB next year? Palmer? Brady? I can't see Greene being in the mix.

Same article was in todays Province Newspaper.

Third, ro....Any substance to this rumour?

Thats all you need to know right there. Herb Zurkowsky. The biggest BS writer there is.

He mentioned that AC did not return with the team after the game nut decided to spend some time in Winnipeg. He did the same thing last year!

He mentioned AC did not attend the year end meeting yesterday.......He didnt attend last year either.

HZ and Jack Todd write nothing but garbage. Once in a blue moon they turn out to be correct and then they will rub the readers face in it. 99 times out of 100 they are wrong and you never hear about it again.

....Doug Berry would love to have Anthony Calvillo for the Bombers....they get along ...REALLY well....wouldn't be surprised if Calvillo spent a little time with Doug while in the Peg....As for the trade speculation....i think the Bombers would lose on the whole deal....because of Calvillos age....Glenn is a relatively young qb...but will he ever be a Calvillo...dunno....are we willing to take the chance ...we'll see....could be all hot-air....and overshadowing all of this,,,,would Cahoon have resigned with the Als...if he knew Anthony was hitting the road....makes for some interesting scenarios...IF ...there is any substance to the rumours ...also in the Wpg. Free Press today..... :roll:

I agree about Jack Todd but I not regarding HZ. Everyone thought he was full of crap when he declared that Don Matthews would not finish the 2006 season in Montreal a while back. Well, we all know what happened. Anyway, even he is just saying that it is a rumor but I too find it funny that ACs contract was not extended considering he is going into his option year. He also can't be too happy about his GM hinting that the new coach may take away his play calling.

Crimson, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. HZ is full of crap most of the time. Occasionally he gets it right, but that doesn't change the fact that he pulls most of his stories out of his a$$. I don't think Calvillo is going anywhere.

if i were winnipegs GM, thats a trade i WOULD NOT make.

Funny, here's a trade that I don't think would work for either team. Both clubs are better off sticking with what they have.

Montreal isn't going to unload a proven MVP and elite quarterback for Kevin Glenn, and given Kai Ellis and Louis Mackey's play this year, we don't need to spend a ton of cash, especially in the new cap era, for Simpson.

And why would Winnipeg trade a good young QB like Glenn and the captain of their defence for an aging quarterback who may not have more than two years left with his A game?

Good post discpline, the trade for either side doesn't make sense.

But weirder things have happened. Remember the Great Quarterback switches in the late 1990's? Dejavu all over again?

I saw this in the Winnipeg paper this morning too, Taman brushed it off, suggesting they had Glenn and Simpson locked up for a couple more years. I cant really see this trade helping Montreal out much, unless Calvillo is looking to get out. His buddy Berry would welcome him with open arms I am sure.

As a Bomber fan I'd rather have Glenn and Simpson.

You guys are probably right but the fact that his contract was not extended really raised my suspicions. Anyway, even if the plan is to make Palmer the QB of the future, he will need to learn under a proven QB like Cavillo much like the latter did under Ham. Makes for interesting discussion though. The way I see it, AC plays his option out in Montreal with Palmer as # 2. After that he will either retire or sign as a free agent somewhere else.

This rumour is definitely a possibility, but it would require a big risk on Winnipeg's part. The fact that Berry and Calvillo were together in Montreal makes this rumour appear to be a realistic possibility.

I say stay with Glenn, who takes far too much of the blame here in Winnipeg. Also it wouldn't make sense to get rid of Barrin Simpson, who did so much this year to turn around an awful defense into one of the best in the league. Finally, Calvillo's age would be a problem considering he is 7 years older than Glenn. Even though he is a great quarterback, this trade wouldn't make sense in the long run. Hopefully if Casey Printers gets cut by the Chiefs than Winnipeg will pick him up.

I would laugh if this goes through, absolutely stupid deal...

.....take Glenn out of the deal....cuz Mont. wouldn't want him....and Wpg. needs him....and you might have something going here....IF....Greg Marshal becomes head coach in Montreal (possibility)... Simpson would luv playing there...he just likes working with the guy...Add to the fact ...i think the 'bloom' is definitely off the rose for Anthony in Montreal...he definitely likes Doug Berrys system...and i see big-time changes there...(you can only go to the Grey Cup so many times and come up empty)...Who knows, there could be some substance to the rumour....but maybe not exactly with the players mentioned...????? :roll: :roll: .

As much as I like Barrin Simpson, he is not worth Calvillo one for one, straight up. A.C. had a tough year, and he's getting older, but he is still an elite quarterback.

I would take Barrin Simpson over AC any day of the week...

I'm glad you're not Jim Popp.

I can't see why the Als would want Glenn thown in instead of draft pick for example. They already have Brady (who I feel is very underated btw) and Palmer waiting in the wings. Greene I can do without.