Cavillo stinks!

Whats up with Cavillo? His deep ball is horrible. I never seen a QB jump up in the air when they throw the ball. I know i'am fairly new to the CFL, but Cavillo didn't do this crap last year. He needs a QB coach. Don't get me wrong the whole Al's team is playing like crap, but Cavillo has been completely off. The short stuff is okay but in the CFL you need to be able to hit the deep ones. I'am not going to give him a free pass because he is a legend. Dan Marino stunk at the end of his career.

Flutie please give Don a call.

What AC is the best in the league they got beat tonight by a good team! Go back to watching soaps! :lol:

he's old, slow, relies too much on his quick release, ben cahoon is overrated, and the o-line is slow like molasses.

Ah ah ah why are you not watching the No Fun League you are a joke! :lol:

Don't get me wrong Calgary is strong, very strong, but last week was not a fluke week by Cavillo. Defenses are exploiting him. Best in league? I would take a healthy Damon Allen, Dave Dickenson, Ricky Ray even Burris over him. He WAS the best, last season.

I got the hint when Don Matthews brought in all those QB's in the off season.

AC is great, had many great plays tonight, the whole Al's team just didn't show up in the second, and the Don's decision to put in Green was the last nail in the coffin for the Al's, cuz they would have been no way they could have come back under Green.

If there was a 5th quater the Stamps would have hung another 21+ points.
The Al's were gassing.

Personall when the d gives up over 200 yards rushing I dont blame the QB.

Although he is not having one of his best years he is still on track for 4700 yards passing and 25 td's still pretty darn good in my books.

You know what is scaring me the Al's are giving up in the last 5 minutes of the game. They are not going down fighting. They look like they are quitting. Something needs to be done. I don't know what should be done thats why I'am not the coach.

Don't be surprised if there is a trade this week or a signing.

Al could have still won, that's the great thing about the CFL, but your right, they gave up too early.

fire don matthews and hire mike ditka.

THE DON has a better win / loss record.

DITKA would get killed up here.
The CFL is a different game , just ask RICKY WILLIAMS , ANTHONY DAVIS , ect.... :lol:

Cahoon is overrated? Get real. Some of the sureist hands out there.

Dikta a dope, and Cahoon is one of the best if not the best possesion receiver have have seen. That goes for both leagues. I call him the Troy Brown of the CFL.

Peter seriously did you not think Montreal would lose a game. Did you not think they are capable of a slump. Every team has been in a slump (See Eskimos) kidding but really all teams go through this. Calgary was not doing well earlier I did not go out there and say my team stinks. You hang in there with them and hope they come out it. A good example is the Rider fans they have suffered for a long time and you can not find better fans then that! Seriously the game the Riders played here changed my way of thought on rider fans. Their only half crazy but passionate of their team. So now your team loses three straight and you want to hang AC out to dry. Really yes you should be disappointed but really it is not one guy that loses it is the team that loses. You mention AC throwing what about Cahoon dropping passes. You said nothing about that sure you might blame AC but the ball hit the guys hands. The Montreal offense has been suspect even on their winning streak. Many have stated they have weak receivers! Stalla and Cahoon thats it! So do not put all the blame on AC. Yes the Stamps are geting better I wish we could play Montreal again!

Now you are playing us! I am suprised you have 127 posts!

Yeah, play the Al's more so you can keep winning you got there number. I'am confident in the Als but they are in a slump. Cavillo throws are not good, yes Thyrone Anderson had a drop, and Cahoon too, but Cavillo with the best oline is looking like a deer in headlights. Cavillo calls the plays out there and he doesn't call Robert Edwards enough. Teams are guessing pass, they need to mix it up a little more.

Calvillo is going the way of Khari, the arm looks shot. Nice win stumpies, at least you are good for something.

geez, Al's loses only three games, and your compairing AC to Jones? unbeliable.

The Als are alright they will bounce back with a vengance! It is their turn to lose!