cavillo has to go

Cahoon scores in overtime
Cavillo flubs in regular time
I was with a guest who had never seen a live football game ( Mexican ) and I told him that Cavillo would mess up the game in the fourth quarter so that we either loss or it was tied.
My prediction came through. It was a pitiful sight to see him flaundering about, throwing passes that were caught only due to the ability of people like Cahoon, not the formers arm.
Time for a change. Time for the Alouettes to get below their cap and fire Cavillo.
Time to send him to pasture where he should have been for the last three (3) years.
Whenever he trots onto the field, I am reminded of the old cartoon
For old times sake has no room in pro ball. Throw the bum out

When he gets the playcalling back and if he doesnt improve, I will agree with you......
Until then.......

I still say the problem is Marcel Icantspellhisname, not Calvillo. I'm with ro1313. Fire Marcel, if Calvillo continues to splutter then replace him.

The problem is Marcel Bellefeuille and his useless, putrid garbage system. Fire Bellefeuille!!!!

There is a very good reason we wanted him out of Saskatchewan.....

What puzzles me is WHY his playcalling is so bad; I mean, a child of 7 would know that throwing 5 or 6 yard outs on second and ten is major league why do we see that sort of playcalling ALL the time?

I'm sure Marcel knows that you need 10 yards to get first downs, and I am also sure that he knows that 5 yards and 6 yards are less than what the heck gives here?

Bellefeuille is garbage, but A.C. is just about done. He should be looking at being a backup soon. He CANNOT hit the open man deep. He cannot hit anything other than a 7 yrd pass! He holds the ball too long in many cases which leads to some of the sacks that the O-line gets blamed for.

It's unreal to me that we consistently run the same pass play over and over. Also, that we run up the middle everytime.

Changes are needed.

There should be time for him to hold the ball though. the sacks that are being given up arent because Calvillo is holding the ball too long its because pressure is coming from every direction no matter how many people the defence brings If a 4 man front is getting that kind of pressure theres more guys in coverage while still maintaining pressure on Calvillo. He has so little time to find his man if hteres even anyone open that we end up taking a sack.

The problem with the offense is bellefieulle the guy has no concept of clock management, down, or yards to first. He keeps calling the same 4 plays over and over.

The only place Calvillo should go to is Popps office to demand his playcalling back. I have a hard time figuring out how anyone can say he cant hit guys with a deep pass when they never throw passes for more than 7 yards

Oh please....I said SOME of the sacks are Cavillo's fault. We all know about the o-line troubles, but the o-line isn't responsibe for A.C. holding the ball forever when the pressure is coming, and then spinning in every direction trying to get away.

The o-line stinks, but Cavillo has lost it. Letting him call the plays again isn't going to help him hit an open man on any pass over ten yards.

Yes it is. Because the O-line is CONSTANTLY getting beaten by just four-man pressure up front. Do the math. That means 8 guys are in pass coverage against 5 receivers. So the O-line gets beat and Calvillo has to throw the ball under pressure, but nobody is open because all the DBs are in pass coverage.

If you look at those sacks, the pocket breaks down from every angle. He has pressure from the backside and the frontside. Where is he supposed to find a throwing lane, let alone an open receiver? When there's daylight ahead, Calvillo usually scrambles to give himself enough time to make a throw. But most of the time, he's in a no-win situation.

The o-line stinks, but Cavillo has lost it. Letting him call the plays again isn't going to help him hit an open man on any pass over ten yards.
Get Calvillo a decent O-line and an O.C. who knows how to call a good game and you'll see the difference. Look at how much time Joseph has to throw the ball on average. Not surprisingly, he's having a great year. It all starts with the hogs upfront. If they're not doing their job, the offense will not function.