Can anyone hazard a guess as to why Kwame hasn't had a chance to play yet?

Hopefully they will get him "in" this week against his old squad.

1000 yd receiver in 2004 - I'm sure he has something to prove to the Alouettes.

But who does he replace :?

He didn't look all that impressive in Edmonton last year. Hopefully he'll be able to do a better job and help out the 'cats on offence.

Well if he plays Thursday he will really confuse Chris Walby, two Cavils on the field.
Does anyone else get annoyed with Walby calling AC - Anthony Cavil.

Someone has to explain to Walby that Cavil is a receiver with Hamilton and that
Ca-vee-owe is a QB for Montreal!!!

Cavil is a very underrated receiver. Yes, he had a subpar year with Edmonton, but they never really used him properly and I don't think he was given a fair chance to develop some chemistry with Ray. He's a big, quick receiver who can excel if given the chance -- look at what he did with A.C. in Montreal.

Isn't he injured?

They should really get rid of him if they arent going to use him because this guy is a pretty guy receiver when he gets a fair amount of touches. He is 100% healthy as stands.

Cavil has Ralph, Yeast and Vaughn ahead of him on the depth chart at SB. They are all better than Cavil. But if one of them goes down, he is a very good replacement.

What difference does it make who's in the lineup. We don't spread the ball around to anyone. It seems all our throws are 10 yards or less, or we play action and throw to the running know, those guys we try to use as decoys to get the attention of the defence, and then we throw to them!?

Our offence is playing so poorly right now I can't even put it into words. The defence scored two more touchdowns than the offence in Calgary, just pathetic.

I can agree with that - Vaughn for sure, Yeast more of a toss-up, Ralph doesn't have his career yardage (but is advantaged in import status). I don't see why he couldn't play WR. Is he that much slower than Peterson? Can he only play inside, the way Brazzell was apparently only able to play outside?

I can also understand wanting to keep a consistent set of offensive starters until the system is down pat, but at this point the change-up may do some good.

When the trade was made to bring in Cavil, I thought he was a good addition. But it was said that there was no guarantee he'd be a starter. Still, I thought we'd see more of him by now, although I can suggest a few reasons he's been left on the sidelines.

The receivers that have been playing are not what's wrong with this team. On the depth chart, Cavil is listed as a slotback and I certainly don't see him taking the place of Vaughn and Yeast. Those two have been our two best receivers so far and so I can't see Cavil taking their place anytime soon. In fact, Cavil be behind Yeast on the depth chart may be giving Yeast the motivation he needed to put in more effort.

And what about using Cavil as a wide receiver? This next quote summarizes my opinion on that quite well.

And so it may not even make a difference who we have at wide receiver. It does appear as if Paopao's playbook doesn't include much utilization of wide receivers. But some might wonder why we had Quinnie there last game, and experimenting with him might succeed. Maybe it's just that the wide receivers haven't been getting open. And Quinnie has been said to have more speed than most receivers we have. So he Quinnie make a difference in replacing Peterson, but Cavil might not.

Other reasons Cavil may not be starting is because there needs to be some consistency in the offence. It's been said many times that the team needs to gel together, and that's less likely to happen with changes being made. And the recivers that are starting in place of Cavil simply were more impressive at training camp and Marshal and Paopao prefer not to rotate players and have starters be undisputed starters. I'm not exactly sure of why he hasn't been playing but it was guesses that were requested, and I'm jsut tossing out ideas. But I'm not sure if what I'm tossing is more accurate than the average toss from Spergon Wynn while he's under pressure.


I think the reason the WR's are not getting deep passes is because our O-line is terrible. Maas needs more than 2 seconds to get a pass off. We were spoiled by DMac's quick release.

Cavil is below Brock Ralph on the depth chart? I mean, I know Ralph is fast, and he's Canadian, but what the blue hell has he accomplished in the CFL thus far? Cavil at least had a 1000-yard season with Montreal two years ago. Ralph? Not so much.

My feeling is that Cavil would be a better fit than Ralph at slotback. He played the inside very well when he was in Montreal and that's where you guys need help. I even think he'd be more consistently effective than Yeast, who has more big-play potential but who disappears for games at a stretch.

I think ratio might be a determining factor. Otherwise, why not have Flick and Yeast at wideout and Vaughn and Cavil on the inside? Apart from ratio considerations, there's no reason to play Kamau "Hands of Stone" Peterson over Cavil.

Although our last few offensive coordinators seem to have forgotten this, there ARE other routes that a wide receiver can run other than the fly pattern.

I'm not saying I agree with this, but I've heard some fans say that Calvillo made Cavil look alot better than he is when he was in Montreal. I think hamilton should give him a decent shot though.

Calvillo could probably get the Pilsbury Dough Boy 1000 yards receiving. :smiley:

Cavil only played 10 games last year, so no wonder his production was way down, but he must have some talent.