cavil released

just heard on ch sports that wr kwame cavil has been released i guess the other receivers are better

I have Mixed Feeling about his Release.
Means JoJo and Gardener have Better Chance.
But He was 1000 Yard Man

Not too surprised by this move. Obviously the new receivers are making great impressions at camp.

Yes he was, so was Yeast, doesn't mean anything.

Out with the guys who brought you a 4-14 season. They want to change the culture of the team.

An Argo-Cat fan

For the record he didnt bring us a 4-14 season... Kollege Koach benched him from the start then he was traded.

But i dont care either way, He wasnt going to be a difference maker.

That is true. He was on the team for part of the 4-14 season, and was on the sidelines for much of the time he was here for some reason. Then he got traded Winnipeg for a draft pick. And when he re-signed here, it appeared the team wanted him here, he was just rented out to Winnipeg to give them depth in their receiving corps.

And so I thought the team could use him, and with his experience, be good enough to start. He is one of the most experienced receivers on the team, so I thought he'd stay. It looked like he'd get a fair chance this time. I suppose it is true that he has a questionable attitude, with the way he celebrates short gains. And maybe I shouldn't be surprised if this turns out being the right decision. I certainly do hope at least a few other receivers on the roster are at least as good.

And thanks 1tccat for posting this news. It looks like CH reported it before it was anywhere on the web, so again, this may be the place to go for this kind of news. But the news is on the web now, as you can see if you click here.

You know Crash , if Cavil was any good he would of stayed last season and he would of made the team this season . If Taffe releases someone it`s different than if Greg Marshall does ???

Watch and see how many Mustangs make the CFL the next few seasons . Ya he doesnt know anything about CFL football does he ?? How many players has he got in the CFL this coming season ??? I know the answer and so do u !!!!!!

I just don't get it at all so let me see here if you have a resume that includes 1000+ CFL yards or prime starting CFL salary$ and proven CFL yardage you get let go :thdn: yes we have some great prospects in camp but some of these moves they are making i don't understand ?????????

after watching some of the receivers last night, i wonder how bad cavil musta been in camp to get cut becuase the other guys couldnt catch a thing. that also could be because of the throws to so.

Did you actually read the part where i said i didnt think he was going to be difference maker? The comment was that he brought us a 4-14 season, and he didnt. Thats all.

Watch and see how many Mustangs make the CFL the next few seasons . Ya he doesnt know anything about CFL football does he ?? How many players has he got in the CFL this coming season ??? I know the answer and so do u !!!!!!
Developing players from CIS to CFL does not mean he knows the CFL game.. and it was pretty obvious. He's a good football coach and he's exactly where he belongs, developing the Canadian game to kids in University. Nobody will dispute where his strengths are... and they are NOT in coaching professional athletes and game management.

Crash please , do you know how stupid that sounds ?? If you dont understand the game how would you know how to teach the player in the first place ????

Marshalls only problem was not going with veteran COs and having the worst recieving core in the CFL!!!!

Theres a HUGE difference between teaching the game to kids/amateurs/people willing to hang off your every word and professionals.

He lacked Game management and discipline, he allowed his team to make such stupid mistakes it made even the casual fan say? Um why arent they going for 2 here?

You can teach a player how to run, how to block, tackle, defend, etc. But when it comes to managing an entire football team with co-ordinators looking to take your job, players making serious money and 30K fans watching your every move its COMPLETELY different.

Otherwise we'd pull High School and Pee Wee coaches and put them in the CFL too... THEY understand the game right?

Coaching Canadian University and Pro aren't even close to the same and Greg proved it.

Crash he PLAYED IN THE DAMN CFL . Give your head a shake !!!

And of course you knew this the first season when he took them to the playoffs right ??? and Pinball is a great coach why ?? He never had any experiance coaching either did he ??

It wouldnt have anything to do with veteran players with TALENT and experianced Cos now would it ???

Many of us would have liked to have seen
Greg Marshall have a long successful CFL career

but the Ticats gave him a huge disadvantage
by making him an instant CFL Head Coach.

Greg's CFL career ended because of
1 1/4 seasons with a losing record.

Rather than argue about how
talented a coach Greg is

Greg boosters should be be comforted
by the fact he didn't have the advantage

that every other Canadian CFL Head Coach,
from Cal Murphy and Wally Buono on down
had, of working up through the ranks

to get CFL coaching experience
before becoming Head Coach.

and yet he was named Coach of The Year
in his very first year in the CFL.

The CFL is behind him now and he's probably
just as happy as a CIS Head Coach again.

He made the playoffs in a 9 team league... what an accomplishment. Having said that, good question about Pinball... he obviously knows the game better then Greg.

Good question about co-ordinators... who hired them?

Im willing to agree to disagree on this one because frankly, i dont care to discuss Marshall's coaching record anymore.

Personally I think Pinball is an amazing motivator, but, as for actual coaching ability I’m not so sure he is a great coach per se. His assistants are very good and having Adam Rita in the head office is very helpful. They have good chemistry with Pinball as coach.

I don’t know he knows the game better. I would say they both equally know the game. I would say Pinball had better talent and a much better coaching staff and front office to help him. Pinball is for sure a much better motivator.

I would agree 100% with that assessment. I don’t think Greg going right into the head coach position with essentially a bunch of CFL unproven rookie coaches was such a good idea.

Amen to that. What’s done is done. Enough I agree.