Cavil On Depth Chart?

why it show cavil behind vaughn still, n whats goin on with our slots now… vaughn n morealle… 18 is finshed in this league

Obviously, it's an updating snafu.

I hope it means Corey Holmes will be utilized often in the slot tonight. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,

that would be nice to see corey rip up sask

Good point Blitz ,yes that means he can play for Ti-Cats tonight.....and Bombers too....

corey still loves sask. and from reading the lancaster article on the cfl main page, it kinda sounds like holmes is destined to be wearing green again next year.( lets not forget he still wears a mouthguard with the rider logo on it for some reason )

"I'm just glad to be around guys like Ron Lancaster,'' Holmes said in advance of tonight's game against the host Roughriders. "He makes you feel just like you're back in Saskatchewan. He's a Regina guy. He had his grandson (Marc Mueller) up for a couple weeks and he was always talking about Saskatchewan and everything.''

Holmes and Lancaster have had some casual conversations about Saskatchewan, but their discussions generally focus on more immediate matters.

"Ronnie is a straightforward guy, a truthful guy,'' Holmes said. "He wants you to just come out and play the game. He's a guy who has been around the game so long and he's a great guy at putting things in perspective.

"To play for him and Roy (Shivers, Roughriders general manager), that has been a great honour for me. You learn different things from both guys. I'm just thankful to be over there with him.''

maybe he'll fumble purposly tonite?

I can just imagine:

"The review cannot be completed due to a drone of banjos over the headset to the video replay booth, making communication impossible. Saskatchewan ball." :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Hee Hee,

Hopefully loud Deliverence banjo picking :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhhh COOL!

Deliverance ...theme song of Ti-Cat fans

come to think of it Rider fans as well....

i think its bs that he comes here n wears there mouthguard.. i tihnk he needs to be comitted to this team and that how teams win, people knowing who they play for.

so, am i the only one who thinks hes headed back to saskatchewan asoon as this season is done?

No I think he will be there too.
I'm not concerned ,lots of players have favorite teams and will always return to them.

Thats why it was a smart trade by Riders ,they stand a very good chance of getting him back and keeping Joseph next year.

Doesn't bother me ,Coreys no big deal.
Having said that he will dominate tonights game...hmmm(prediction only) :cowboy:

if he fumbles or has a terrible game, will cat fans call for his head and yell 'traitor'?

Doubt you will see apro athlete do that ,come on,I wouldn't go that far at all,he's an honest upstanding person and he'll show it tonight,bet on Ti-Cats$$$$

I definitely thing Saskatchewan would have a leg up at least at the moment.

Whether Barrett and Shivers will be there in 2007 to enjoy recouping Corey is an entirely different issue, however. Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,

yeh . holems and barret probly talked abuot this before he headed this way. now they might make off with joseph and holmes, brutal, id take josophe over maas and holmes, neways no biggie when hill shows up.

OK so, the Rider has his leg up on the Tiger....?

" Emotion carries you two minutes in a Football contestAfter that it's execution...."

quote....Ben Cahooooon

Is that a threat? :cowboy: