Cavil not satisfied with cats?

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A career gone sour: It's premature to bury slotback Kwame Cavil. He's only 27, after all. But the 2004 CFL season, when he caught 78 passes for 1,090 yards with Montreal, seems like a distant memory.

Traded to Edmonton last season for defensive-tackle Clinton Wayne, Cavil got into only seven regular-season games with the Eskimos, catching 31 passes for 259 yards with a touchdown.

He didn't dress for the playoffs or Grey Cup. Shipped to Hamilton last March for a fourth-round draft choice, the 6-foot-2, 203- pounder has yet to dress for the Tiger-Cats.

"I don't have a grumpy bone in my body," Cavil told the Hamilton Spectator this week. "I'm not going to lie to you. It's difficult to not be playing and watching the team struggle. I still feel I can contribute if they call my name."

The Ticats are struggling, but have talent on offence, especially at receiver, and Cavil can't crack the lineup. He doesn't have blazing speed and is more of a possession receiver. That's a role former Alouette Terry Vaughn can fill capably for Hamilton.

if they’re not gonna play him, then they should trade him!

sask. or winnipeg would prolly want him.

Sorry, this team isn't strong at receiver by any stretch. Several balls last night should have been caught and weren't. Sure, they would've been tough catches but these guys just aren't able to get the ball and bring it in. Several passes hit guys in the hand but with an Alouette DB in close proximity, they just couldn't make the grab. The great receivers will make a high percentage of those kinds of catches. There's a great pick of Flick in the Nat'l Post today--eyes closed as the ball arrives and an Als DB on him. He didn't make the catch. That pic sums it up for the TiCat receivers.

An Argo fan

play him or trade him.

Hamilton has been stupid not to play him, Send him our way I’ve always been a Cavil fan. BC could also use him with all their injury problems.

Well it seems like the Cats need something to spark that offense. Watching the game against the Al's last night was disappointing being a Ti-cat fan. Lots of stupid calls, penalties and dropped passes. Maas needs to just air it out and Kwame Cavil has the ability to spread out defenses. He has proven it before. If guys aren't catching the ball, get'm out and let others prove themselves.

our defence did wicked last night.. they would have done better if they were not overplayed by stupid penalties and dumb plays on offence..