Cavil for Wayne

Well this abysmal trade is now official....the Als have posted it on their official website.

We have Nix, Philion, and Brown at DT; Gibson, a good Canadian, is on the injured list. What in the world do we need Wayne for, and why in the world do we have to trade a 1,000 yard receiver to get him?

This deal makes no sense to me at all............

Me either
I was listenig to CJAD 800 yard club. Ed Philion was the guest but I did not hear any mention of the trade other than to confirm it

Is this because of the poke in the eye thing? Because he is punishing the whole team by trading him to Edmonton. Cavil wasn't doing a lot though. We'll see how the youngsters do, unless he picks someone up. Maybe Anderson will be coming back.

This trade looks so weird from the outside that I am pretty sure it involves good reasons only Popp and Matthews know about. Maybe this wasn't about getting Wayne, but about getting rid of Cavil.

Look, I REALLY don't know what I'm talking about here, but didn't we let go Lawrence Philips though he was a good football player? Didn't we let go Autry Denson though he was a good football player? Maybe there's something about Cavil that wasn't good for the team...

You make a valid point Third and Ten; that must be it....although if Cavil was a problem in the room, we should have heard about it by now you would think....he's been with the Als for several years now.

However, even if that is the case, couldn't we have got something better for him? With Nix, Brown, Philion, and Gibson, I don't see the need for Wayne.

You forgot ever inefficient Tugbenyoh... did you do that on purpose? :stuck_out_tongue:

Beside, the Als just moved Gibson to the offensive line... and he is plssed about it.

It was definitely on purpose I did not mention Tugbenyoh; I was only talking about tackles, not ends...Wayne is a tackle, not an end, so he's not going to supplant Stewart, Megna, or even Tugbenyoh.

I'd be some ticked off if I was Gibson too...............

I think if the Als wanted to send Cavil a message they should have sent to a team like Calgary, Winnipeg or Hamilton. Not a contender.

They did not want to send a message to Cavil. They wanted him out and wanted something in return. Maybe Winnipeg wasn't offering anything interesting. It's not like they have much of anything other teams would like anyways.

Very very stupid trade! It is up there with the Dunniyagain trade with the Stamps 3 for nothing trade.

Way back when the Esks traded Comiskey to the Cats for Joe Montford the recurring theme was this. Anytime you recieve Canadian depth at a position you are winning the trade. Wayne has been around a few years and is a non import. Is it possible that was part of the reason for the trade, to gain some non import depth and make room for someone else to get more playing time at WR? Perhaps they are anticipating getting Anderson back.

For whatever reason Cavil was deemed expendable but that is not necessarily the reason for the trade. It is simply bad luck that Cahoon was injured after the deal was made.