Cavil/Charlton on the open market

According to this article both of those players are now off the list for Taman. Will they end up elsewhere...? I would imagine they both must have had some other offers if they were hesitating to sign with Winnipeg

Losing Charlton is no biggie, he can be replaced. On the other hand Cavil should be with the BB'S, i do not know what Taman is thinking there?

I think Cavil will be back, he knows a winner when he sees one.

if Taman sticks to the imposed deadline for them to accept the Bombers offers, then Cavil is outta luck...

Unless he's signed and they haven't bothered to make the announcement yet...........

Taman just signed a couple import receivers with NFL and NFLE experience, looks like Cavil wont be back.

You can bet that if Ike walks, Taman will have Butler or another fa here before the ink dries on Ikes new contract.

Well either Butler or Mitchell…which one would you go after?

Mitchell - he is better in pass coverage than Butler and a move versatile defender. Butler is a pretty 1D guy for blitzing

I think you're bang on, Sandman. I'm a long time Als fan, and while I loved Butler in the pressure defence, he is a fish out of water in a conventional defence. So if I was Taman I'd sign Mitchell over Butler.

I like Mitchell too, but I think many people sell Butler short. He has led the Als the past 2 seasons in tackles, and was top 5 in the league, not bad for a guy who is only expected to blitz every down. He is also a play maker always forcing turnovers always around the ball. He may not be as good as Mitchell in pass coverage but as a lb he should only be covering the teams 5th receiver or running back. I think his play making abilities outweight any drop off in pass coverage.

Cavil is going to be signing with the Tiger-Cats...according to newspaper report this morning.....sorry about your loss....but am happy to have him back

Here is the Report from the Hamilton Spec.

See you in the Preseason..

Update 1:04 PM

It Official now ..
Kwame Cavil and Taylor Stubblefield Both Signed with Hamilton

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i liked cavil, i think we should have taken him of brazel, it seems brazel makes all of the immposible, amazing catches but drops all of the nice easy ones. Ike was testing the NFL, i like ike

Obviously the bombers are looking to improve their outside lbs, Carter is gone and Charleton hasnt been re-signed and I dont see Taman trying too hard. Frankly, I agree, we need to find dominant outside lbs to compliment the Rev.

How would u know with he's not trying to hard??? You spying on him or something? We dont know whats going on in his office so keep your lips sealed.

Sorry kool kat, that was quite presumptuous of me. Maybe Taman will get a deal done with Ike, but I still think we need some upgrading at the outside lb spots.