Cavil Back In Tha Hammer

what do the rest of u CFL fans think of this?? i didnt really see this coming but im glad he came back.

I guess he wanted to be on a team where he'll be the star receiver. Unfortunately he doesn't realize that the only reason he's had success in the past is because he's had better guys around him drawing the coverage. Don't get me wrong Cavil's a good athlete, but unless Hamilton finds some proven receivers to support him he may not have that much success.

bombers loss in my opinion. i thought he would have been an upgrade over brazzell. oh well, cant sign em all, especially not in the new CFL

Well I can tell you the Bombers still need a couple of Cavils to fill their line up out. You can not rely on the old man for much longer the threads on that trie are getting worn out.
Possibly he wanted to go to a team with a QB that can get him the ball. Oh ya thats right Maas did not do so well last year. This may be the year.
IMO Cavil is better the Brazzel :lol: :lol: but Taman likes under achievers.

Well, the Bombers could swing a trade with the Riders for Jason French, LOL

No thank you!!! :lol:

Since the bombers are into retreads Calgary could trade them E Thurmon for a couple of balls and a draft choice.

No need to make a trade; Saskatchewan has a glut of receivers, some will come available for free.........

....we'll just wait till you have to cut Copeland my son..... :lol: :lol: ...seriously the Bombers have just signed a couple of receivers....Tommy Manus is one ...and one big-guy....6'4...222....should make a nice target for Glenn....i think i still might even be able to hit this guy with a duck..(non spiral)....i don't think he has lightening speed ... however..we'll see what he brings to camp... :roll:

cavil will be good as long as he stop acting like he is terrell owens and becomes a team0frst player.

And here I was sticking up for Desjardins gutting that team and removing all the cancer. Cavil is a me first type of player, if he is happy fine, if not, he is gonna mope.

Im a bit biased but good for Hamilton. HE is a good receiver, good energy guy, and a really nice person

I think you are dreaming again dad or on the juice again. Copeland will be going no where I do know how much the bombers would like Cope but not going to happen. Well those guys better have mitts large mitts to catch those ducks Glenn throw. Lightning speed well in Tamans terms faster then a wounded snail. :lol: :lol: :lol:

IMO, Cavil is a good reciever, but now he has to step up and prove it. No more excuses for him, his time is now to show he can be a #1 receiver, a go to guy to whoever will be throwing him the football in Hamilton, either Maas or Butler.

Exactly Cavil is a retread. He has been to more the two team thats what I consider a retread. He needs to prove himself now or never.

Other than Andy, Matt, Jason And Dj i really wouldnt even want to bring any of the guyz to my team :lol: