Caver high NFL pick

I was just scanning through some of the career accomplishments and came across Carver.

He was a 2nd round NFL draft pick in 2001, the same draft that saw Zeke Moreno go in the 5th round.

That is an awesome achievement, and will hopefully lead to a nice run in Hamilton!!

Playing his NCAA ball at Arkansas he has a good pedigree as well.

I hope so too, however his name is Quinton Caver just so you are aware, not Carver.

and just so your aware he got cut

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Caver is still listed on the roster, although Alston is not.

who cares the only reason people think hes good is because for life hes stuck with the title NFL second round pick

No sense learning how to spell his name correctly now I guess!!

He is our man!

o because you know he did SOOOOO much against calgary

I think Hodges is the best guy they got right now as far as talent for the DE position.

mckay is clearly

Hodges? Talent? psssh
Andy petek 4 Lyfe
and Tay Cody was a high nfl pick, a 2nd rounder i believe.

Yeah well if they were so great in the NFL then why are they here?? THink about it!! I saw Hodges play in college and he was one of the best in the big ten! Hope he can help us out here!