Cauz's Uniform Vault: Toronto Argonauts

For the Toronto Argonauts edition of my history of CFL uniforms series, I have decided to focus not on the uniform but rather on the best logo a CFL helmet ever did adorn.

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The logo from 1976 to 1988, in my mind, is the best look the Argos have ever had.

Not sure why the constant change.

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Cauz, the picture of the old Argo uniform playing against BC is Dave Thelen (assuming the ball carrier is #11). This is from 1966, game played at CNE.
I personnally prefered the 1964 Toronto logo, which is basically the same the new current logo, but it has more white then this one, and the ball has a better look in my opinion. I would scan it and send put not sure how to attach in this software.

I like the 1964 Argos helmet logo as well. I believe it was only used for one season. Toronto switched to a plain white helmet with no logo for 1965. I've had a tough time finding a really good scan of the '64 boat logo.

Yes this is the one I was referring to. I know it was used in 1964, which is what you have in the attached picture of Dick Shatto. I think this logo looks better than the one they chose to go with. But that is my opinion. Although many may not have seen this before. I have some pictures of just the logo (not on the helmet) and they have the phrase 'Let's All Pull Together'. Thanks for responding.
Talk finding a tough time finding certain logos on helmets, try the 1964 Ottawa Rough Riders. They started the season in August with one helmet logo, red and white 'RR' long, then switched the white 'R' in September for the next 26 years, changing in 1992. See attached, second row form the top on the left, is the RR in 1964, then the next helmet with the white R.

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That "RR" logo is an odd one. It went under the helmet history radar for years. I believe it was only used for the Rough Riders first 3 games in 1964. I suspect that the club wanted a bolder looking logo that showed up better on television. The "R" logo was introduced on Sept. 1, 1964:

Yes my limited research supports what you indicated. I only noticed it because I had colour pictures of Hamilton’s second game of the 1964 season and I did not recognize the helmet logo. I knew they had the white R later in the season. It doesn’t happen often but another team that changed their helmet during the season was the 1967 Hamilton Tiger Cats. They started the season with nothing on the side of the helmets to having the leaping tiger in front of the Centennial logo. I think they added in mid to late September that year.

Thanks for mentioning the '67 Tiger Cats! Their helmets were plain yellow through at least the October 9 game at Regina. The centennial tiger logo appears to have been added after that game. I can't find any photos from Ti-Cat games on Oct. 15 and Oct. 22 but the new logo was on their helmets by the Oct. 29 game vs. Montreal. Hamilton did not lose another game after switching to the centennial logo.

I have a picture of the Oct 15th game against BC, I will see if a shot of the helmet is in it. I do know there is a good shot of Bernie Faloney. I also have a picture of the Oct 22nd in Winnipeg, but it is a poor picture from afar. I will let you know Friday.

That would be awesome, thanks Patterson77.

Here you are. I was at this game, sitting in the endzone. As it turned out, BC was the last team to score a TD against Hamilton in 1967.

Lets see if this works.

That's fantastic, thank you for posting the photo! So the Tiger-Cats were a perfect 7-0 (including playoffs) with the new look helmets. To my knowledge that helmet logo was never used again after '67. It's awesome that you were actually watching the Ti-Cats at that time. They were one the CFL's all-time greatest teams, completely shutting down Ottawa & Saskatchewan in the playoffs.

Another picture and the ticket stubs

BC made one last pass from Faloney to Jim Young and it went off his finger tips. This happened right in front of our seats. If he catches it, it may have changed the East final standings as Hamilton only finished ahead of Ottawa by 1 point.

Thanks again Patterson77, that's really cool. I wonder what the story was behind the centennial tiger logo? Why did the Ti-Cats wait until their 11th game to show it off?

I agree, why would a team wait until game 11 of a 14 game schedule to add a centennial logo? Manufacturing delays? I do have replica of the helmet. To answer a question from your previous email, no Hamilton went back no logo on the helmet until 1972 when they had the leaping tiger which they have never removed, unless special uniform, like the year the CFL asked each to pick a uniform for each decade and in 2006 when they had a white helmet with a cartoon tiger on the helmet for a all white uniform Labour Day game.
I have a couple more things to send you, but your email only allows 1 attachment per email.
Talk to you later.

Attached is a picture that was saved of the completion of the gooseneck goal posts installed at Civic Stadium in 1967. Note the date, it was 4 days before the BC game.

One final thing about the 1967 Tiger Cat no TD streak.
As I indicated earlier, that BC was the last team to score a TD against Hamilton on October 15th. But what some may not realize was that BC scored both their TD's that day in the first half and were held to a FG in the second half. Therefore Hamilton's streak was actually 26 quarters or 6.5 games. The link below is the box score of that game.

That's really interesting, thanks for posting the goalpost photo! Installation dates for the gooseneck goalposts in '67 varied by team. I read last year that Saskatchewan had them ready for their Sept. 4 game vs. Edmonton. Not sure about other teams. Your photo attachments really helped clear up some questions, thanks again.

I believe BC got there for the 1966 Grey Cip game.