Cauz's Uniform Vault: BC Lions

Greetings football starved CFL fans; yeah, I’m right there with you. In the second edition of my “Wildly Unofficial History of Uniforms For Every CFL Team That Immediately Becomes Less About Uniforms and More Just a Fun Nostalgia Trip” series we’re moving West. After covering the Ticats, it’s time to give some love to the feline-themed team on the coast, the BC Lions.

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I will always like the colour scheme from 2005-2015 as the best uniform for Lions.

Not sure about the ‘jungle’ reference in your article as BC lions are mountain lions, not African. Even African lions generally don’t hang out in a jungle.
I think that the early 80s version of the BC uniform was the best. White helmets with Lions’ logo and three stripes, very little black. Have you noticed that helmets without stripes tend to look balloonish? Never more so than the Lions’ orange pumpkin helmets with the paw.
And there are far too many black uniforms/helmets in the CFL; nine teams and four of them use black with black helmets. Real lack of imagination when there are so many rich, dark colours (eg: Montreal’s new colours).

The “chemical hazard sign” that you mentioned in your article was ACTUALLY the logo used in 1971 to commemorate BC’s centennial of becoming province of Canada.

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Huh, interesting! Not too much about that logo exists online, though the BC centennial logo can be found in its full splendor on this commemorative spoon:

Dogwood, isn't it? I remember BCTV having it in their logo, way back.

I like the orange tops, either with brown or black. White helmet. White pants. None of this silver/shiny stuff. The away version, was fine, too, as long as the pants were not shiny orange, which started in the late 80s, I believe (Matt Dunigan era?).

Like Bob Ackles said, "The orange brightens up the stadium."

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Have to agree with Cauz on the 'classic' orange jersey with white pants and helmet

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The logo on Jim Young's helmet is indeed the official Provincial BC Centennial logo from 1971. The flower in the centre of it is the dogwood flower which is the official flower of the Province of BC. And the mountains behind the team picture are of course the north shore mountains known as the Lions. Both the football team and Lions Gate Bridge derived their names from those mountains.

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I'm an old guy. Very much into retro and uniform designs.

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