Cauz: Why the Ticats, Lions matchup is must-see TV

I have no idea who the schedule makers are for the CFL, but I want to thank them for helping us all out on the lightest sports week of the year.

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Would it?


This game is a statement for both teams in my opinion. If Hamilton wins they might be back to form if bc wins they might end up being in the convo for best in the west with Winnipeg stamps and riders

As noted, Evans is the best option as starter. His yardage and completion stats are up there with the top QBs this season. The issue is turnovers and fumbles and he will overcome that with time and input from Khari. It is a matter of regaining self-confidence.

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The Tiger-Cats need to settle on Erlington as the running back or they must go searching south for an NFL cut; someone like Morrow preferred. Haha :boom:

We're being chased by Calgary and BC so everyone here in the 'Peg is rooting for Hamilton. Tell Evans to eat his spinach and come out fightin'. :partying_face: :+1: :beer: :boom: